Hypnotic (2023) Review: A Poorly Promoted Absurd Sci-Fi

If you haven’t seen a trailer for the film ‘Hypnotic’, you aren’t the only one.

Ketchup Entertainment

A film that is one of the most poorly marketed films of 2023 is a film starring Ben Affleck and written in directed by Robert Rodriguez. Despite the big names attached to this project, absolutely no one has heard of this movie which grossed $3 million dollars versus a $65 million dollar production budget.

The film is already one of the biggest box office busts in 2023 and there’s nobody to blame except Ketchup Entertainment. Now if you don’t know who Ketchup Entertainment is, you aren’t the only one because they don’t even have a Wikipedia page to figure out who’s running the company.

Lo and behold, they are the Distributors of this film and you have to wonder why such little effort was put into the promotion of this movie. The short answer is likely that this film is not very good.

Ketchup Entertainment

‘Hypnotic’ is a film starring Ben Affleck, who plays a cop named Danny who is still struggling with his daughter’s kidnapping and presumed death.

Despite the fact that the man responsible has already been put on Death Row, Danny is still searching for answers and he thinks that by investigating a mysterious man who has been involved with some of the disappearances he can get some answers about his daughter.

The deeper he searches into this individual, the more questions he receives than answers. Danny finds himself in the middle of a bizarre underworld where powerful hypnotists trained by a secretive government “Division” to control people’s minds.

Ketchup Entertainment

Danny teams up with a hypnotist/fortune teller, who tells him that he has to find out the identity of the mysterious man in order to find the location of his daughter, that is what he is led to believe because nothing about this movie is what it seems.

The best word I can use to describe this movie is absurd. ‘Hypnotic’ is one of the most laughable and confusing films of 2023.

The movie is a series of wasted opportunities from top to bottom. The film is a complete waste of Ben Affleck’s talents as an actor making this feel like a buddy favor than a film with any genuine excitement from Affleck’s point of view.

Ketchup Entertainment

Alice Braga is in the film and her entire job is to give the audience exposition dumps so that they can follow the ever-changing plot that never makes sense to begin with. It feels like Robert Rodriguez watched the last Matrix film and thought that he can do better on his own.

The absurd twist of the film throws the entire plot out of the window and into the abyss. At a certain point, you have to wonder if this is a genuine movie or a money laundering operation disguised as a Hollywood film.

‘Hypnotic’ is a wasted effort from everyone involved, audiences may not have known this film existed but it won’t be worth a watch even when they find out.




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