John Wick: Chapter 4 Review: A Satisfying End Of An Era

We have officially hit the mark of diminishing returns when it comes to the John Wick franchise.

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If you don’t know where we left off with the last film John Wick 3, Wick was literally knocked off of a New York City building, fell numerous stories, and somehow managed to survive.

It became pretty apparent after the end of John Wick 3 that the writers of this franchise didn’t know how to end this series that has been very successful but was knocking on the door of overstaying its welcome.

The one thing that’s working in their favor however is the fact that John Wick is one of the few film franchises that still respects its audience and tries to give them what they want. If you’re going to watch a John Wick film you know that you’re going to get at least 2.5 hours of people getting shot and killed in creative ways.

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If you want to watch Chapter 4, the only question here is, can the franchise put things on a positive note or are they going to run the risk of burning out the good graces of their fan days?

‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ begins after the events of the last film. After taking time to recover from his injuries John Wick heads back to the Middle East to find and kill the Elder for betraying him. However, by doing this he causes a massive target to be laid on his back and on the backs of anyone who is viewed as his ally.

A high-ranking member of the table has arrived to not only eliminate John Wick but eliminate anyone who’s viewed as favorable to him. After three movies of running away from his past, John Wick is forced to finally come to terms with his fate and take one last chance of getting out on his terms.

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That won’t be an easy task however as every assassin in the world is out for their shot of an ever-growing bounty on John Wick’s head.

The one thing that this film has that the last film doesn’t is finality. The filmmakers of John Wick understood that their Cash Cow was being milked dry so while they closed the door on this chapter there are already numerous spin-offs within the John Wick universe that should fill the void of Hardcore John Wick fans.

As far as this movie goes, John with Four has some of the most beautiful set pieces and camera work of any film in the entire series. The amount of detail that went into the series simply cannot be understated and overshadowed.

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There will be times while watching this movie when your draw will drop off at how well the details of this film are pulled off.

As far as the action goes John Wick feels a little bit slower but Keanu Reeves hasn’t missed the beat. All of the steaks that we have built up to this point are in the movie such as the bulletproof suit, the incredible fall damage, and creative kills that will have the audience shaking their head in amusement.

Outside of one very over-the-top chewing performance, this John Wick movie doesn’t have the array of colorful characters that other movies have had but there is still a lot to enjoy from a cinematic perspective.

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John Wick 4 is one of the strongest action movies of the year. They may not be Tom Cruise but the filmmakers of the John Wick franchise know what Their audience wants and have no problem giving it to him.





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