Inside Review: A Solid Premise That Answers No Questions

The film ‘Inside’ may go down as the biggest missed opportunity in 2023.

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Willem Dafoe has proved himself to be a great actor when he is positioned in the right role, the film ‘Inside’ offers a lot of mystery that’s good enough to capture the attention of audiences along with guaranteeing a solid performance by the Dafoe along the way.

But there’s something about this movie that just doesn’t connect. The film introduces a mystery and then fails to provide a satisfying conclusion to its own plot.

‘Inside’ is a film starring Willem Dafoe as an Art Thief named who breaks into a multi-million dollar mansion in New York City in order to swipe high-value art from home. However, the robbery goes wrong when Nemo is suddenly trapped inside the apartment with nowhere to go and no one to contact.

With no tools, no help, and no one who knows that he’s in the apartment, Nemo is forced to make do with what he has and a half-empty penthouse in order to survive what is essentially a multi-million dollar prison with no way out.

What makes this film so intriguing is that at the beginning of the movie, you see a character who is trapped but the circumstances of his situation remain a mystery to the audience. You don’t know early on whether a malfunction caused the situation or if Nemo is a pawn and a well-placed trap inferring that there is a much bigger game being played.

The fundamental problem of this movie is that you don’t get the answers to this question. ‘Inside’ is a bottle film where Dafoe is the only character in the movie and as a result, he carries the emotion of the film the whole way through.

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Dafoe is brilliant as a character who is forced to innovate ways to assure his survival knowing that he has no ability to call for help because he’s not supposed to be there in the first place.

The character becomes his own personal MacGyver by filtering his water supply, rationing food, and building his own structures in order to ensure his escape. The film plays a lot of psychological mind games on both the character and the audience making you question throughout what is real and what is a reflection of our character’s fleeting sanity.

There is so much to like about the film but the problem is that the conclusion of the film happens abruptly and will leave audiences with a poor taste in their mouth after committing to an intriguing storyline.

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‘Inside’ is a film that is almost a good movie but misses the mark of being one of the better films of 2023 as a result of leaving things open-ended.






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