Project Wolf Hunting Review: Crazy Stupid Brutal Fun

‘Project Wolf Hunting’ is one of the wildest ideas for a movie that has come out in 2022.

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A film that is set on a giant cargo ship, putting several murderous villains and armed officers in a battle royale to death. Then just when you think you are getting a conclusion, the story throws in a supernatural villain that is willing to kill anything that moves.

There are a lot of things that makes this film a wild ride, however, there’s one mistake the film makes that prevents the film from being one of the best movies of the year.

‘Project Wolf Hunting’ is the story of a group of dangerous criminals who were trying to be extradited back to South Korea from the Philippines. After a failed attempt of extraction goes wrong due to an attack at the airport, authorities decided that the only way to safely transport them back to South Korea is by cargo ship.

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The authorities have severely underestimated just how cunning and dangerous these criminals are. The criminals quickly overwhelm and take out the majority of officers and are on the cusp of taking over the ship. However, right before the criminals can claim victory, it turns out that there is a secret experiment hidden deep in the bowels of the ship that is unknown to both the officers and the criminals.

A secret experiment that possesses an unsatisfying urge to kill and superhuman strength to get the job done. The remaining criminals and officers are forced to work together to survive or else they risk letting this dangerous weapon get loose and put the entire country of South Korea in danger.

The premise of this film is absolutely wild and makes for a great cinematic experience. The characters are over-the-top cannon fodder with performances that includes Seo In-guk as a ruthless killer who pees on the bodies of his dead enemies. The violence in this film is as brutal as it is over the top in nature and most of the deaths are by hand-to-hand combat.

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Don’t get too used to some of the characters because the film knows most of them won’t be alone for long. The large cast of characters allows for many kills along the way.

What hurts the film is the fact that in the 1st act sets the stakes by establishing a brutal killer that the entire ship is forced to reckon with. The problem, however, is when the new threat arrives on the scene halfway through the second act, the character who we spent the first hour of the film with is removed and his presence isn’t replaced throughout the rest of the movie.

The film also suffers from the problem of having a villain too many, a symptom of having a film with too many characters for the audience to embrace. A 112-minute run time sounds light in comparison the films such as Avatar 2 or Babylon which runtimes over 3 hours, but a film of this magnitude run out of steam because it tries to establish character relationships that don’t amount to anything in the grand scheme of the story.

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‘Project Wolf Hunting’ may be a flawed movie but it’s still fun as hell. Moviegoers are going to be looking for violence and entertainment which are in abundance in this movie. When the worst thing you can say about a film is that it could have been even better, that is still a movie far more worthy of a watch than others.







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