Terrifier 2 Review: A Small Budget Game Changer For Cinema

Terrifier 2 is a film that has found massive success driven almost exclusively on word of mouth. A film that only cost $250,000 to make is a modern day marvel of what can be pulled off with such a microbudget as compared to the shortfalls of films that showcase a quarter of a billion dollar budget.

Bloody Disgusting

The horror genre is the easiest point of entry due to the cost not being as demanding as action and superhero films. Terrifier 2 sets itself a step above the rest due to great focus on practical effects and over the top violence.

Terrifier 2 takes place after the events of the first film where an evil entity is resurrected following the Miles County Massacre. The being known as Art the Clown brutally murders the coroner investigating his body with a hammer. This time around Art encounters another evil entity named The Little Pale Girl who has the same similar clown attire as him. The duo proceed to go on a murder spree killing and torturing all of the residents of the town.

Bloody Disgusting

Meanwhile, a teenager named Sienna (Lauren LaVera) puts the finishing touches on her Halloween costume which is an angel-warrior that was designed for her by her late father. Sienna has a nightmare where she encounters Art, and awakens to a fire on her dresser. Sienna, who begins to see the terror being caused in her town realizes that she may be the only person who can bring Art’s reign of horror to an end.

Terrifier 2 is a film that is hard to watch not, because the film is bad because there’s a lot of gory violent scenes of murder within the movie. A level of violence that is Saw on steroids is quite amazing given how they were able to pull this off at such a low budget.

Bloody Disgusting

Lauren LaVera is a wonderful lead who earns her scream queen status in this film. David Thornton’s portrayal of Art the Clown gives this generation of horror the closest thing to the next Jason Voorhees is Freddy Krueger. Art the clown is a very disturbing villain and abilities to bend reality making him an even more formidable foe.

The only downside to the film is that its 138 minutes runtime really starts to drag toward the 2nd and 3rd act. There are plenty of filler scenes that could have been cut out altogether for the sake of creating a stronger story. It is a shame when a film as well crafted as this one begins to overstay its welcome but given the experience of those involved some creative mistakes are understandable.

Bloody Disgusting

This film sets a new standard for what Hollywood movies should be moving forward, proving that you don’t need a 300 million dollar production budget and blue screen to get the job done. A film built for a small fan base that is now getting mainstream recognition.

Terrifier 2 is certainly worth the hype and is a strong candidate for my top 10 best movies of the year.





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