Bros Review: A Degenerate Lust Story Mixed With Child Grooming

As a film critic, I am willing to look past A LOT of questionable content within the context of a film for the sake of storytelling. But there comes a point where I have to draw the line when I know the filmmakers in question are operating in bad faith.

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Billy Eichner has been making the waves begging anyone with a pulse to watch his latest Universal Studios film ‘Bros’ which according to him (and no one else), is the first gay rom-com by a major studio in 100 years.

In the minds of progressives, nothing existed before Donald Trump was elected president. Every six days, some schmuck comes out claiming to have created “the first” piece of non-hetero non-white entertainment in history when they are too lazy (or too stupid) to realize that history was done decades before them.

The entire sell of this film is that gay people have never had a romantic comedy for themselves so they have settled for bad Hallmark movies and ‘When Harry Met Sally.”

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Bros is a self insert “romantic comedy” about a man named Bobby Lieber (Eichner) who is a 40-year-old single gay man living in New York City as a museum curator. Bobby spends his days hooking up with random men on Grindr trying to find a small piece of what he believes to be “love.”

During a gay rave party, meets a “macho” man named Aaron (Luke Macfarlane). Aaron is a hunky polar opposite of everything Bobby likes in men but manages to fall in love with him and starts what is believed to be a “relationship.”

The rest of the film is about Bobby dealing with the stresses of managing his love life and his job at creating an LGBTQ exhibit with his local museum.

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Billy Eichner was adamant that he wants to use this film to expose audiences, especially straight audiences to the reality of those living in the LGBTQ community. The only problem is that real life exposed them before the film could be released.

If you recall, the original red band trailer for the movie featured a gay orgy scene that was meant to be shocking and played for laughs. Shortly after that scene was released, a real-life global outbreak of monkeypox causes the studio to shelve the promotion of the red band trailer as they didn’t want to give audiences the idea that the sexual promiscuity of gay men spread Monkeypox.

‘Bros’ is a wide-open window into what “sex and relationships” are seen as in the LGBTQ community. The film attempts to normalize polyamorous dating, ‘throuples’, gay orgies, gender reveal gay orgies, and hook-up culture on steroids as the “norm” for people within the LGBTQ. In one scene, Bobby meets a guy on Grindr, he walks in and within seconds they are masturbating on the bed together before he walks away in shame.

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This is what the film portrays as “normal sexual experiences” for gay men in a big city, and you wonder why people don’t want their kids exposed to this lifestyle.

This film is very much inspired by traditional romantic comedy tropes but they do not work within the setting of the LGBTQ community. The idea of romance is bringing two people together and ending the story with them starting a new life together. Not only do Aaron and Bobby have sex multiple times in the film, but they also have sex with multiple partners throughout the film as well. Sex is supposed to be the peak of the relationship but when you have already done that in the first 20 minutes of the film, you start pissing in the wind for the next 2 hours.

The LGBTQ community has watered down sex to such a degree that what is supposed to be an intimate moment between lovers is turned into a formal greeting with no attachment that destroys the concept of the genre.

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Long-term relationships don’t exist in this universe and despite what modern-day progressives will tell you, men can’t get pregnant, so there will be no families starting in this scenario either.

This film tries so hard to identify with heterosexual romantic Hallmark movies but the LGBTQ community has spent years tearing down traditional relationship standards that when they try to use those standards to create their own love story under their parameters, the film doesn’t work.

‘Bros’ tries to have its cake and eat it but it doesn’t work. The runtime is bloated, the jokes aren’t funny outside of the LGBTQ bubble, and the camerawork is shotty at best, but none of that is the biggest sin of the film.

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In the wake of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill which bans the teaching of sexuality and transgenderism to children between kindergarten through third grade, Billy Eichner inexplicably used an R-rated sex comedy to make the case for grooming children into the LGBTQ lifestyle. A lifestyle that in this film has been displayed as nothing but degenerate and emotionally damaging.

In the film, Aaron’s mother who is a school teacher protests the idea that children of elementary school age should be learning about LGBTQ history as it is not appropriate for their age. Billy’s character then proceeds to tell her about how his parents allowed him to see a sex show at the age of 12 allowed him to become more comfortable with his sexuality.

It’s the classic argument of “well it works for me and I turned out normal”

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No Billy, it didn’t work for you. You are a 43-year-old miserable childless man who still has random sex with men on a social media app. Using your life as a measuring stick to groom children into your lifestyle is unacceptable. The film concludes with school-aged children going to Bobby’s LGBTQ exhibit cementing its pro-groomer message of “helping gay children” in an explicit sex comedy.

Out of respect and professionalism, I was willing to turn a blind eye to a lot of stuff for the sake of this review. Adults are adults and let them make bad decisions.

But the second the film tried to make the argument of grooming children into the 115 minutes of degeneracy that is presented in this film by their own admission, that is where we crossed the line.

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The LGBTQ community used the film ‘Bros’ as a window into their lifestyle, instead, they opened the door to the Trojan horse we let into the gates.




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11 thoughts on “Bros Review: A Degenerate Lust Story Mixed With Child Grooming

  1. Great review, I wasn’t planning on seeing this and I’m glad my suspicions about the film have been proven true.

  2. I saw it – it’s very sly and manipulative IMO – which is a shame as it has some good parts and is funny – in parts

  3. I didn’t even make it half way through the trailer. The supposed comedy aspect I could only see as an inside joke. In the words of movie studio mogul, Sam Goldwyn of MGM, “Include me out!”

  4. I agree with the review, enjoyed your comments…BUT.
    Then, at the very end, you post a PREVIEW!?? wth, …NO. I will NOT be watching it, nor will I ever pull it up on YT, either.
    But thanks for the warning.

  5. Terrible review. Instead of focusing on the film, the review became an anti-gay screed. We get it, you hate gay people. Maybe the film stunk but you’re obvious hatred dismisses any semblance of credibility.

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