What Is a Woman? Review: The Real Time Consequences of Societal Rot

The movie that no one in the media wants to review.

Why? Because it exposes the progressive rot of what our society has become. At the time of this review, the ONLY critic who has reviewed this film is Christian Toto of HollywoodInToto.com. Matt Walsh recently posted the numerous reactions that he received from mainstream outlets asking if they would review the film which he was promptly and firmly told to f*** off.

One critic said and I quote “I have no interest in covering this film or anything to do with Matt Walsh. Please never waste my time with this transphobic nonsense again.” 

Progressive film critics HATE this movie and want it to go away. Why?

Because this film exposes the active and aggressive social rot plaguing our country today called “progressivism”. America has become such a morally and mentally broken society, that most people can no longer answer the simple question “What is a woman?” 

The Daily Wire

Daily Wire podcaster and author Matt Walsh asked this question repeatedly throughout the course of this documentary and the momentary pause in everyone’s answer exposes a massive problem. Either people didn’t want to answer the question because they are terrified of the wrath that the LGBTQ community would have for them or they knew what the answer to the question is but avoided answering because they knew it would crush the agenda they force upon others.

Walsh interviews a series of LGBTQ allies and activists who claim to be experts in “gender-affirming care” but none of them could give a clear answer to the question because the LGBTQ community relies on an everchanging standard of science. 

The basis of this documentary is far deeper and far more sinister than simply misgendering or not using someone’s preferred pronoun. They have evolved FAR past that nonsense.

The Daily Wire

The 2nd act of this film focuses on the act of gender reassignment surgeries for children NOT adults. The idea created in progressive circles is that, it is perfectly natural for children who are too immature and reckless to own and operate a firearm until they are 21 but can medically and chemically alter their bodies before they have left elementary school.

It’s a logic that only makes perfect sense when you are not allowed to question it under any circumstances whatsoever. Activists firmly believe that children, more especially your children will be the generation that shakes and redefine gender norms for future societies. If you don’t like this, you are probably violating the terms of service of some tech company run by moderators with rainbow and Ukraine flags in their profiles. 

We have fallen so deep into the clown pill that now countries like Saudi Arabia look down on us with disgust and it’s become harder to defend where we have gone as a society.

The Daily Wire

“Why do you care so much?”

This is the dismissive question that is always asked by progressive circles when confronted about the standards of their ideology. 

The answer to this is simple. If you demand someone else live in your reality, they demand answers.

When you try to push your made-up reality on other people’s kids, they demand answers.

When you push to remove children from the homes of parents who refuse to support their teenager’s gender reassignment, they demand answers. 

When you have drag queens go to the schools of other people’s kids and try to keep the parents in the dark about it….best believe people are going to want answers. 

Daily Wire

There is a reason why critics refuse to review this movie, by proxy, they are on the same side as the people in this movie who refuse to define a woman in the first place. 

The LGBTQ lobby has become WWE’s Kurt Angle circa 1999. A heel who believes they are a babyface and can’t seem to figure out why everyone is booing them. 

Matt Walsh’s documentary shows us a lot of things that we already know but unless you want to live long enough to see the horrific reality of what happens to a generation of young people 10 years after they medically destroy themselves beyond repair, you better start paying attention and you better start demanding answers.




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