Don’t Look Up Review: Being Talked Down To By High School Dropouts…The Movie

“I think this whole administration has completely lost their fucking mind and we are all going die!!” – Actual line from the film.


If you thought Hollywood was a cesspool of rich out-of-touch liberal elitists whose smugness is the only thing that rivals their hypocrisy…I’m sad to announce that you have severely underestimated just how

‘Don’t Look Up’ is the cinematic equivalent of Hollywood huffing its farts and then rewarding itself for the smell. 

The same people who never seem to shut up are the same ones who feel slighted that people have stopped listening to them and now they are back with another self fulfilling conspiracy.


Over the last few years, Adam McKay has been known for releasing progressive hit pieces disguised as movies that aims at anyone who is of the political right of his own Twitter account. 

Every time one of these movies comes out around December, the academy goes gaga and showers them with award nominations. Not because the films are particularly good but Hollywood like most progressives can’t get enough of content that attacks their political enemies.

In 2015, ‘The Big Short’ tackled Wall Street and corporate greed. In 2019, ‘Vice’ tackled the entire George W. Bush administration. ‘Don’t Look Up’ is a film that attacks anyone who isn’t all-in on the topic of ‘climate change’. 


Climate Change is the progressive belief that humans are rapidly destroying the planet and unless every single person on Earth (except celebrities, world leaders, and government exempt officials of course) agrees to a lower standard of living for the greater good of mankind. The world is coming to an end and it’s your fault for not listening to us. 

A film that puts some of the biggest climate change activists in Hollywood such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in roles to vent about climate change deniers. 

The plot of the film is about a group of astronomers who discovers a comet that will impact Earth within the next 6 months unless Congress acts now to stop it. But Congress and the rest of the world doesn’t seem too worried about their impending doom…get it? The film is a metaphor for people in government and society who refuse to acknowledge the immediate threat of climate change. In the minds of progressives, this is how they feel when they tell everyone that Earth is doomed and no one will listen to them.


Now, most of you have heard the saying “the left can’t meme”, this comes from the reality that whenever modern progressives attempt comedy, it is never funny because they can’t separate their personal disdain from the punchline of the joke. The entire punchline of this film is that people either don’t care or are willingly ignorant to the reality that they are all about to die…just like with climate change.

Can you believe that there are people out there who deny the reality that the Earth is on a collision course for destruction? Why aren’t they listening to the world’s smartest scientists and doctors on this issue? 

Add in some cheap social commentary on ‘celebrity culture’ which Hollywood themselves are directly responsible for and this is what comedy is in 2022.

Meryl Streep is in the film as the substitute for Donald Trump who was still president during the filming of this movie. Adam takes great joy at mocking Trump rallies and Trump supports as dumb rubes, a tactic that plays strongly for left-wing critics. The punchline of the movie is that if a comet really was heading for Earth, Republicans would tell you to not look up because it’s a left wing conspiracy.


That’s right, the same people who can’t define what a woman is in 2022, blames their emotional instability on Trump and Putin, and thinks that personal fitness is a fascist far right ideology thinks that YOU are the morons in our society…

At one point the film has the audacity to accuse wealthy corporations of profiting off of tragedy. A point that may have held more weight if it didn’t come from the same people who supported years of the shutdown that oversaw the biggest transfer of wealth in world history.

If a corporation like Apple wanted to work with the government to enrich its own pockets, that would be bad. But if a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation did the same did, you would be anti-science for even questioning the 1200% increase in their stock price. 

‘Don’t Look Up’ isn’t a satire or a black comedy, it’s an activist film that is heavy-handed like it is made out of diamonds. At one point, the film is literally just screaming at you like a mentally fragile activist who is upset you mocked the pronouns in their Twitter bio.

At this point, an extinction level event doesn’t sound so bad.



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  1. Spot on analysis. Unfortunately, it appears to be one of Netflix’s most popular offerings. Which I guess tells you a lot about Netflix’s audience.

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