Shut in Review: A Solid B Thriller & The Tale Of Progressive Hollywood

The word monopoly undersells the control that progressives have on the film industry in 2022.

To quote Lupe Fiasco, if they were any further to the left, they would be writing on their desk. Progressive studios like Disney and NBC Universal push nonstop propaganda through movies and television featuring actors and actresses who are either extremely vocal progressives themselves or they are so afraid to express a dissenting opinion, they just keep their mouths shut and fall in line.

The Daily Wire

The far left has a death grip over the film industry and they aren’t letting go anytime soon. The only way to possibly compete with the machine is to produce and distribute your own content which is exactly what Ben Shapiro’s “The Daily Wire” outlet did.

The Daily Wire earned the distribution rights for the film “Shut In” from producers Dallas Sonnier and Amanda Presmyk and opted to release the film on their YouTube channel. This angered progressive film critics to the point where most of them have refused to review the film in order to prevent The Daily Wire from receiving any credibility. 

For a film that was released on Youtube, progressive sure as hell fear what a film like this could do to their power structure. ‘Shut In’ is a horror film about a single mother named Jessica Nash (Rainey Qualley) who is a recovering heroin addict raising two young kids alone in a nowhere cabin. Jessica’s ex-boyfriend Rob (Jake Horowitz) shows up high with his friend Sammy (Vincent Gallo) who is a pedophile and manipulates Rob into locking Jessica into the closet. With two young kids stuck on the other side of the door with a pedophile and a cold front on the horizon, Jessica has to resort to desperate measures to save herself and her kids. 

The Daily Wire

‘Shut In’ isn’t a film that is groundbreaking due to its content. For the most part, the film is your standard b horror movie that operates on the “less is more” mantra. The movie is from the POV of our protagonist and the horror doesn’t come from what you can see but what you can’t see. Stuck behind a door, audiences are at the mercy of dire situations happening within earshot but out of the character’s control. 

Director D.J. Caruso is well experienced in the realm of suspense having directed films such as 2007 Disturbia and 2008’s Eagle Eye. In this film, Caruso deals in barebones cinema with a single location for the majority of the runtime but it is the performance of Rainey Qualley that carries the movie. Qualley doesn’t deal in screams and jumpscares, she sells the emotional performance of a helpless mother struggling to protect her family.

There is a subtle Christian theme with the film that really doesn’t show until the final act of the movie otherwise the film is pretty straightforward as a thriller.

The Daily Wire

As a movie, Shut In is a solid B film. As a movement, can it be the start of a revolution against progressive Hollywood? Right now, no. It can only be a spark to wake people up to the fact that Hollywood is an outlet for the far left elite, but by creating our own content, we can weaken their already dying influence on the art.





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