Pipeline (2021) Review: Fresh & Fun Action Film

South Korea has a knack for wacky action films that are highly entertaining. “Pipeline” is a film that plays its story straight to the arrow but doesn’t lose its entertainment value in translation.

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“Pipeline” is a film about the corporate war to control Korea’s 745 miles of oil pipeline, the lifeline of the country. A young drilling engineer nicknamed Drill-Bit (Seo In-guk) is hired to lead an oil heist mission for a wealthy oil refining company owner Geon-woo (Lee Soo-hyuk). Geon-Woo owes millions in debt and the value of his company is tanking so he sets up a plan to steal oil from a pipeline between Honam and Seoul-Busan highway. 

Drill-Bit is hired to oversee the operation along with Jeob-sae (Eum Moon-Suk), section chief Na (Yoo Seung-mok), Geun-sab (Tae Hang-ho) and Counter (Bae Da-bin) to complete the impossible heist. While the team is all in for the money, they quickly learn that Geon-woo is a short-tempered man who does not tolerate mistakes. As the task gets delayed from various setbacks, the risks multiplied and suddenly the group wonders if the money is worth the dangers of the job.

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Stealing oil rather than stealing cash or gold is an interesting twist from the idea of your average heist film. Pipeline puts together a colorful cast of characters who have great chemistry and deliver many laughs along the way. Lee Soo Hyuk and Seo In Guk who have worked together in numerous television projects are back again and they provide a great dynamic as protagonist and antagonist. 

“Pipeline” is a well paced and well acted thriller full of fun and humor making it one of the most entertaining films of years. 




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