The Ice Road Review: A Satisfying Slippery Slope

Another month, another mid-budget thriller starring Liam Neeson.


Finding quality films on Netflix is much like trying to rescue a group of miners from cave collapse — it takes days to find and there’s no guarantee of success. In this case, there are survivors in the rubble.

Old age may have made the 69-year-old Liam Neeson a less-believable action star in 2021, but that has not slowed his output — he’s typically in nearly three or four new films every year.

Earlier this year, Neeson appeared in “The Marksman,” a film about an old gunslinger outrunning drug cartels that was released before most movie theaters in the country had fully reopened. This time around, he is giving up life behind a gun for life behind the wheel of a semi-truck. Bypassing the big screen altogether and making the move to Netflix is his second film of 2021, this one titled “The Ice Road.”

Neeson has become the new King of B movies and “The Ice Road” is one of his better films in the last few years. The premise is just interesting enough to draw audiences into a film that looks like “Mad Max” on ice, and not in the Disney way. The film keeps its audience strapped in with a suspenseful story as it mixes up multiple themes to keep their interest, much like crash television in the ’90s.


The film is well shot and chooses the beautiful location of rural Winnipeg as its canvas. Cinematographer Tom Stern is a massive positive for the film, as he gets the most from his exterior and interior locations. Stern’s work in “The Ice Road” is another stellar addition to his resume.

The movie also has some solid action set pieces with a couple of stunts fit for a big-budget film. With a good cast of characters “The Ice Road” presents a lot of good entertainment — but it does have its faults.

If you are looking for the best film this weekend involving fast drivers, “Fast & Furious 9” doesn’t really cut the mustard. You’ll be much happier with the alternative that “The Ice Road” offers for your time and money.





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