Meet The 200 Corporations Who Have Publicly Sided With Democrats Against The American Right

200 American Corporations Have Publicly Sided With Democrats Against Republicans And Fair Elections.

The 2020 presidential election was “the most secure presidential election in American history” and 200 of the country’s biggest mega corporations are fighting to make sure “it stays that way”.

200 companies, including PayPal, Dow, Estee Lauder, HP, Microsoft, Uber, and Under Armour have signed a joint statement condemning election reform efforts in Texas, Georgia, and other states.

“There are hundreds of bills threatening to make voting more difficult in dozens of states nationwide,” the statement began.

“We call on elected leaders in every state capitol and in Congress to work across the aisle and ensure that every eligible American has the freedom to easily cast their ballot and participate fully in our democracy.”

Here are a list of the 200 corporations who have sided with Democrats to attack Republican efforts to enforce indentifcation for voting….use as you wish…

Know you enemies…

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