John Oliver’s Propaganda Show Pushes Lies That Will Get People Killed

John Oliver’s lies are going to get people killed.

John Oliver dedicated the majority of his latest HBO show Last Week Tonight to the police shooting of Adam Toledo , a shooting where progressive outlets such as TheDailyBeast continue to lie in order to claim that Toledo was unarmed even after video evidence shows Toledo with a gun during the encounter.

But when you are a millionaire propagandist for Washington Democrats, the facts don’t matter.

Oliver began his propganda but saying the following:

“We couldn’t even finish writing about what happened to Daunte Wright before the city of Chicago released video of one of their officers killing a 13-year-old unarmed child, Adam Toledo footage which clearly contradicted the picture of an armed confrontation painted by the police and the mayor, as well as a prosecutor who said Toledo had a gun in his hand when he was shot, which he did not,” explained Oliver.

This is complete bullshit and John Oliver is going to get people killed telling these lies.

Adam Toledo, whose street name was “Lil Homicide” was accused of firing more than 8 rounds at a moving car. Those shell casings match Toledo’s gun which can be spotted in the police body cam video. Todelo also just got a Latin King gang tattoo & was in gang territory.

Progressive media lying about police encounters is what encourages angry black people to take over American streets in protest and violence. These encounters will cause the destruction of businesses, lost of livelihoods, and people will be killed in the mayhem just like over 20 people were killed in the violence last summer.

Oliver continues his bullshit rant but creating more lies to assure future deaths.

“Because the fact is, Black people continue to be mowed down by the police that they pay for. And if you watched the news at all this week, you are probably exhausted. Black people in America definitely arenot just from this week, of course, but from, you know, everything.”

“The fact is, it’s once again been made painfully clear that we and when I say we, I mean white America have to stop talking about fundamental change in policing and actually make it happen, because this cycle of state violence against Black lives has to be stopped. So put on your shoes, leave the house, march in the streets, and demand a better country one in which Black people are treated with fundamental respect.”

Violence is guaranteed following the Derek Chauvin verdict. John Oliver is getting paid millions of dollars to put your life and well being in danger for the benefit of far left ideologues. Brace yourself and protect yourself.



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