CBS Hypes Up A Woke Television Reboot Of ‘The Equalizer’…And It Looks Awful

Because Hollywood is running out of white characters to reboot with a woke agenda, now they are rebooting black characters that were based on white characters with a woke agenda.

In 2014, Denzel Washington stared in the highly successful film ‘The Equalizer’ a film about a retired Marine and DIA officer who faked his death in order to live a normal life in Boston. After witnessing a wave of crime, he decides to get back into the game to protect those he cares about in the city. The film was hit with audiences and was granted a sequel in 2017, both films drew nearly 400 million at the box office.

Well…The Equalizer is back…on television…starring Queen Latifah…and the series is woke!

CBS’s newest action hero gender swaps the role of secret agent ass kicker Robert McCall and puts it on an overweight middle age black single mom named ‘Robyn McCall’. Robyn is a CIA employee turned vigilante who beats up armed men and runs away from explosions.

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The trailer for this show is laced full of cringe.

First off, you have to buy in to the idea of Queen Latifah as a dangerous hitman whose actions scenes are just as bad as you envision. Instead of hiring someone who would be even remotely passable in the role, they get someone on name recognition who looks miscast in every scene she is in.

Then you have the ongoing black victimhood narrative. “The world is just looking for a reason to put a young black girl in jail”, because the American prison system is just overflowing with black women right? According to Hollywood, real life is just the boogeyman for black people and the white illuminati is working overtime to make sure that only they can’t succeed. All this despite the fact that a black woman just back doored her way into the White House a few days ago.

Not only do you have black victimhood but the show will be focused on female victimhood as well as the central focus of the first few episodes will be about human trafficking and the men who run it.

CBS is going all in on this show debuting it immediately following Super Bowl LV on February 7th. Like most progressive shows with female leads in the modern age, audiences will likely hate the show because it is fundamentally awful while media outlets such as The Daily Beast and The Wrap will gaslight people into believing they are racist and sexist for not liking it.

Another day, another woke reboot from Hollywood.


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2 thoughts on “CBS Hypes Up A Woke Television Reboot Of ‘The Equalizer’…And It Looks Awful

  1. So tired of this formula where someone has to be given a victimhood status. That just lazy writing. It didn’t work for Ghostbusters 2016. It’s not going to work here.

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