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Janelle Monáe Confirms ‘Antebellum’ Is ‘Black Lives Matter’ Propaganda

Actress-singer Janelle Monáe is being very vocal about her upcoming movie and the progressive activist isn't making anyone want to see her film at a time where theaters are starting to reopen.

2020 is not a good year for cinema and it is an even worse year for far-left activist films such as Antebellum. A film that was supposed to be released earlier this year in April was pushed back due to COVID restrictions and will be released this Friday on VOD.

Actress-singer Janelle Monáe is being very vocal about her upcoming movie and the progressive activist isn’t making anyone want to pay money see her film at a time where theaters are starting to reopen.

Antebellum is a film about a progressive activist that is sent back into slavery time and discovers that America in 2020 is just like slavery for black people and Monáe wants White America to realize it.

“There’s erasure going on. There’s whitewashing going on,” she said.

“The 1619 Project they’re trying not to put it in our schools…We have to remind people that when we’re screaming, ‘Defund the police! Abolish the police,’ why are we doing that? Because in the Civil War, one of the earliest institutions of policing was the slave patrol. The police were built out of terrorizing Black people — not protecting and serving, but to capture us when we ran away, to stop us when we tried to revolt. And they didn’t just take our ancestors — they took our ancestors who had dreams.”

The far left has been pushing the 1619 Project, a project that seeks to rewrite American history to be built around slavery and not liberty and independence.

The 1619 Project condemns capitalism as an oppressive totalitarian system that victimizes black Americans. The project also rewrites history to claim that slavery was the motivation behind the revolutionary war that lead to America’s independence in 1776.

Several prominent historians, including one who consulted on the series itself, have debunked the claim that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery as well as the narrative that anti-black racism runs in the very DNA of this country.

Monáe hopes the film can be a mirror for those who are not committed to being “anti-racist” and help white people who don’t get why Black lives matter, who have benefited from these systems that have not been built for Black lives, to stop perpetuating the delusions of white supremacy globally.

The problem is her film is NOT being well received even by progressive critics.  The film currently sits on Rotten Tomatoes with a 33% of critics giving it positive reviews out of 46 reviews thus far. The film is largely criticized for it’s poor storytelling and it’s attempt to beat images of slavery into the eyes of it’s viewers.

If even progressives can’t put over a slavery film condemning America and white people, you should likely give Antebellum the hardest of passes.

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  1. If there’s one system in the world today that can be rightfully described as a “slave state”, it’s Communism. There’s a reason people bashing capitalism are called “useful idiots”, even by their more realistic comrades.


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