Lena Waithe’s New Amazon Prime Show Seeks To Normalize ‘Open Marriage’

“I’ve never been in an open marriage, but it’s fascinating to me,”

“We live in a world where, if I told you I cheated on my wife, you would be like yeah, that’s the way it goes. But if I told you that I’m in an open marriage, it would be as if I told you I’m joining the Church of Scientology.” 


That is how Actor/Writer Lena Waithe describes the objective of her latest television project coming to Amazon Prime entitled ‘Open’. Open looks to provide a different perspective on “nontraditional marriages” such as open marriages where one or both partners are open to having sexual relationships outside of their marriage as well as gay marriages with same-sex couples.

Waithe, who wrote last year’s film Queen & Slim, says that America needs to rethink its idea of a ‘traditional marriage’.

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“Society has such a conservative way of looking at marriage,” Waithe says of Open.

“I do think that we as a nation need to reevaluate what marriage looks like for us as a country because whatever we have right now, it ain’t working.”

Waithe, who is lesbian, became engaged in 2017 to her long-time girlfriend Alana Mayo, the couple married in 2019 but announced that they had separated after just two months of marriage.


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2 thoughts on “Lena Waithe’s New Amazon Prime Show Seeks To Normalize ‘Open Marriage’

  1. Lena Waithe has to be a massive hypocrite since like you said, she divorced her wife just two months after being married.

  2. Given what’s happening in the country right now, I think a another show attacking our moral hygiene is the last thing that’s needed. Either the remaining Christians pick up the metaphorical sword and shield and start chopping metaphorical heads the west will soon be plunged into a very dark age.

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