Apple Music Promotes Degeneracy As Young Female Empowerment

As the country formerly known as the United States of America, continues to burn to the ground, Apple Media throws gas cans into the fire as a new interview with multiple female rappers including popular rapper Cardi B encourages young girls to become “P*ssy popping bitches”.

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The following contains explicit language that you need to hear because this is what progressive feminists have in store for your children.

In a roundtable discussion that was promoted on the Apple Music platform New Music Daily, Rapper Cardi B and others had a forum discussing explaining Cardi’s music inspires them to be hoes.

Rapper Sukihana explained how Cardi’s lyrics “liberate a lot of hoes.”.

Sukihana explains to the group in graphic detail:

“At the end of the day, me being a hoe, like these people say. Like, honestly, I liberate a lot of hoes. You feel me? When I hear Cardi talk about poppin’ some pussy, me and my bitches is with. Like, that liberate us because it’s like, ‘Fuck you self respect ass hoes.’ Cuz, how you got self-respect? Like, I don’t think y’all got self-respect like that. Cuz, first of all, you posed to tax these niggas. That’s self-respect. You feel me? Like, it make me feel liberated. I love crossing boundaries. Cuz guess what? Scared money don’t make no money. If you gone be scared to get that money, if you gone be scared to be yo self and say this who I am, then you ain’t gonna get that coin like that.”

Cardi B has become a superstar in the hip hop community in the last couple of years. Cardi is considered by media outlets such as Forbes and Time to be one of the most influential celebrities in the world. She has over 72 million followers on Instagram, 13 Million on Twitter, and has sold over 40 million certified units.

Your daughters likely already listen to her music, and what values do you think they are learning from one of the most influential celebrities in the world?

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