HBO Max’s upcoming film ‘UNpregnant’ is checking all of the progressive boxes to be the latest woke pro-abortion teen comedy that will get at least 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In an exclusive first look from Entertainment Weekly, UNpregnant is a film starring Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira as two Midwestern teenagers who drive to New Mexico in order to get a legalized abortion.

The film is a direct response to the recent wave of ‘Heartbeat bill’ in Midwest and Southern states that ban abortion after the heartbeat of a child is detected. The film is written by Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan who wrote the book last year that was quickly adopted by Hollywood into a feature film.

In the story, Richardson plays Veronica, a high schooler with Ivy League ambitions who gets pregnant and realizes that her child is a burden to her professional dreams of college and her career. Veronica can’t rely on her boyfriend, friends, and especially her conservative family for help. Instead, she turns to her sarcastic, body-positive queer friend Bailey who is the only person in her town that won’t judge her for her decision to put her career over the life of her child.


“I hope it starts a conversation,” Richardson said.

“That’s what you want: You want to invite people that support the decisions that Veronica made in the movie, but you want to also invite people that disagree or have a different belief or viewpoint.”


Ferreira adds,


“We’ve seen films about abortion that are really hard, and they just tug on your heartstrings, and they’re very traumatic. I love those films, but I also wanted to see something where it normalizes it. It normalizes the choice and the decisions that people have over their bodies.”


Director Rachel Lee Goldenberg hopes Unpregnant can help normalize abortion for young girls and young couples.


“I want there to be less shame and stigma around the topic of abortion,” she explains.

“I want to educate people on the problematic existing laws and also demystify the abortion procedure. I’m not sure if one movie can do everything I want it to do, but it’s not going to stop us from trying.”


UNpregnant has yet to set a release date for HBO Max

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