‘Gay Pride Nights’ Continue To Take Over Sports

The number of LGBT pride nights in Minor League Baseball was set to reach an all-time high before the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The number of LGBT pride nights in Minor League Baseball was set to reach an all-time high before the Coronavirus pandemic.

LGBT Pressure groups have increased their outreach in major sports leagues over the last few years to the point there was no sports league that didn’t dedicate a night or a month of their season to promote the LGBT lifestyle.

2020 was poised to be the year that Minor League Baseball was going to quadruple the number of PRIDE night celebrations from 20 to 81. Most of these nights would have occurred in cities and towns with conservative, religious communities.

Ken Schultz of SBNation Outsports praises the mass increase of PRIDE events by saying:


“In small rural or conservative areas, a minor league Pride Night is not just a successful promotion, it’s a time where a rural town’s LGBTQ population can be welcomed and celebrated without fear or the need to hide who they are. Which means that in those areas, Minor League Baseball is performing a public service and an essential gesture of basic humanity.”


The agenda of diversity and acceptance isn’t reserved for just minor league baseball. In 2020, 29 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams planned to celebrate a PRIDE night with the Texas Rangers being the only team to abstain.

In the National Hockey League, all 31 teams in the United States and Canada hosted an “Inclusion Night” or “Pride Night” for the league’s “Hockey Is For Everyone” campaign.

The National Basketball Association has ramped up its efforts to increase the number of PRIDE night with teams such as the Golden State Warriors, Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, and New York Knicks leading the way.

Last year, Major League Soccer had all but 2 teams celebrate PRIDE night at their stadium.

While the National Football League couldn’t have teams dedicate one of their eight home games to LGBT Pride, they have taken other steps to show their support of social justice groups like Women’s Interactive Network, Black Engagement Network, and Community Teammates.

The NFL’s official statement on the group said that it will aim to “heighten sensitivity to the LGBTQ community” and reinforce “commitment to an inclusive environment in which all employees are welcome.”

Many NFL teams such as the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers have sponsored PRIDE day celebrations in their cities.


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  1. Look, I got nothing against the LGBT community. But this sports companies are beating a dead horse with this “Gay Pride Night”.


  2. All “this” was inevitable and predicable the day it was declared that the gey was a genetic condition. At that point, the “civil rights” machinery, which was appropriate and effective for the African American segment, kicked in for a demographic that was not being discriminated against and had, on average, significantly greater income than average. Mainly because it had formed into a political pressure group useful for the left.

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