Media Attacks Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods For Not Supporting Black Activists

“You are either with us or against us”

Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are known for being arguably the greatest of all time in their respected sports. But of them have drawn the ire of social justice activists in the media because they refuse to use their platform to parrot the narrative of woke activists.

Michael Jordan has been under fire in the media recently because he still refuses to use his platform to become a public social justice warrior like his NBA counterpart Lebron James.

Fox Sports Rob Parker, who was fired from ESPN for calling Robert Griffin III “a cornball brother” has now set his sights on Jordan and Woods for the statement that “Republicans buy shoes too”.

Newsbusters reported that Parker’s beef with MJ comes from Jordan’s refusal to support Democrat Senate candidate Harvey Gantt back in 1990. In the ESPN special Last Dance based on the 1990s Chicago Bulls, Jordan still would not admit he messed up by not supporting Democrats running against North Carolina Republican Jesse Helms.

This made Parker very upset, who went on a tirade against the Hall of Famer:

“In the basketball world, for sure, Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T. — the Greatest Of All Time.

“But in the socially conscious world, MJ is the W.C.B.O.A.T. — the Worst Conscious Brother Of All Time.

“And that’s saying a lot because Tiger Woods is still walking around on God’s green Earth.”

Parker continues by accusing Jordan of letting “the wrong white people” into his ear and then proceeded to attack Tiger Woods for not standing up for “black issues”.

Before the “white shirts” got to Woods, whose picture is in the dictionary when you look up the term on the fence, the golf pro stood taller than MJ, too. He took on The Man in his first Nike TV commercial, speaking out about golf courses that didn’t allow blacks to play there. And then he became a card-carrying member of Switzerland on black issues, Parker said.


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  1. Rob Parker is clearly racist towards his own people(like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods). Fuck Rob Parker to the core.

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