Hallmark Channel Removes All Mention Of Pro-Life Film From Its Award Broadcast

The Hallmark Channel continues its streak of questionable decisions this week.

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During the broadcast for this year’s Movieguide Awards, an award show for Christian and family-friendly content, all mention of the 2019 Pro-life film Unplanned was removed from the broadcast despite the fact that it was nominated for three awards.

Actress Ashley Bratcher took to Twitter to object to the fact that her speech at the event as well as all mention of the film and it’s actors were removed from the broadcast.

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Outraged. Movieguide awards recently aired on @hallmarkdrama & @UnplannedMovie & I were nominated. We were the ONLY nominees who were not recognized. Hallmark has ERASED us from the show and refused to acknowledge us as nominees. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE.”

Days after the post, Dr. Robby Baehr, Movieguide President and COO, told LifeSiteNews that Hallmark Channel was responsible for the film getting cut from the broadcast.

Baehr said:

“The Broadcast was cut and edited by us under direction by Hallmark Channel and their representatives. All final creative approval was done by Hallmark and not Movieguide or its editor Jeremy Carroll.”

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Hallmark Channel later apologized and responded by saying that they would re-air the show at a later date with Unplanned’s mentions placed back into the broadcast.

“We have scheduled the MOVIEGUIDE® Awards to re-air on Hallmark Drama on Monday, March 9th at 10 PM. It will also be available on the TV Everywhere app. All telecasts will include mentions of the film, ‘Unplanned’ and it’s lead actress, Ashley Bratcher. We at Crown Media extend our sincere apologies to Ms. Bratcher.”

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Hallmark has been under scrutiny from Chrisitan and family audiences for a while. Last year, Hallmark caved to left-wing pressure and aired ads featuring gay marriage on its platform. The channel also responded to demands for more diversity and LGBT representation in its entertainment by saying they were actively looking to produce more content that “represents the United States as a whole.”


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