Birds of Prey Review: The Fantabulous Bastazrdzation Of A Great Comic Book Property

Progressive feminist weirdos pick the worst hills to die on.

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While the media props up a film by a female director, a female screenwriter, and a majority female cast, all of the pussy power combined couldn’t save them from marginalizing some of the best female heroes in the DC Comics universe.

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is a Birds of Prey film in name only. Even the 2002 WB show starring Ashley Scott and Rachel Skarsten which lasted one season and was liked by nobody were more respectable to the source material than this film.

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No Barbara Gordon, Race Swapped Black Canary, Bastardized Huntress, foul mouth Cassandra Cain, and a film primarily focused on a character that has nothing to do with the original group.

Birds Of Prey is revenge porn for middle-aged wine adults who got dumped by someone who was a scumbag, to begin with. That’s why Harley Quinn is propped up as the new face of feminism, they see themselves in her. A narcissistic vapid human being that nobody likes yet somehow voted for Bernie Sanders while being a convicted felon.

Warner Bros

Some of the greatest characters in the DC Universe and their back stories are blackened for the purpose of lecturing the audience on toxic masculinity and feminism. Ewan McGregor while being the best character in the film torpedoed this film’s earning potential by preaching woke nonsense for months during the film’s promotion.

Many will call this film the Female Deadpool, those people must have been watching a different movie because violence and mom jokes don’t make a Deadpool movie.

Warner Bros

Margot Robbie would have been better off producing a Gotham City Sirens film because Birds of Prey is a textbook definition of wasted potential.




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3 thoughts on “Birds of Prey Review: The Fantabulous Bastazrdzation Of A Great Comic Book Property

  1. John Nolte believes all these “woke” films were green lighted during the #metoo episode and have been in the pipeline since then. Which hopefully means there’s an end to the feminist woke-a-thon we’ve all be experiencing. If Trump wins in November it will probably trigger a new set, but sooner or later the production companies will go bust.

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