The Rhythm Section Review: Meth Addicts Make Terrible Spies And Even Worse Films

The Rhythm Section is one of the most boring and uninteresting films in the last few years. Normally, you are not supposed to lead off a review with that but this is a film that will test your attention span to the absolute limit with how utterly uneventful it is.

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While most films try to convince you that 100-pound women can be super spies knocking out guys three times their size, The Rhythm Section shows you exactly why heroin-addicted hookers make terrible spies in international incidents. Blake Lively stars as a woman who loses her entire family in a plane crash. Despite coming from a seemingly well-off background, the depression sends her into a downward spiral of becoming a drug-addicted prostitute. One day, she receives a tip that the crash that killed her family was actually a terrorist attack that was covered up and now in order to get revenge, she “trains” with former MI6 agents to take down the man who made the call that destroyed her life.

The Rhythm Section lacks interest and excitement as much of the film’s first hour is spent on the absurd premise that this down and out woman with no training or tact suddenly becomes an assassin in the criminal underbelly. At one point, Lively’s character is fighting a man in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank (not a bit) and not only does she get her ass kicked, but the guy she’s fighting dies when he runs out of oxygen while beating the crap out of her. It’s at this point, the questions “Who is this for?” and “Why did they make this?” become extremely relevant.

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I’ve seen Blake Lively have a great presence in other films but this one ain’t it. A role that probably sounded better in a pitch meeting turns into a disaster of a film, The Rhythm Section is a mess of a film and one of the worst narrative movies in the last few years. Truly a failure from top to bottom.




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