Battle of Jangsari Review: Too Jolting To Be A Solid War Film

Photo by Pan Media and Entertainment – © WELL GO USA ENTERTAINMENT

A depiction of the Battle of Incheon during the Korean War in 1950.

There could have been a really good movie here however, the conflicting and jolting narratives between the Korean side of the story vs the American side is too much to overlook. Megan Fox and George Eads did not need to be in this movie at all. They aren’t based on real people and their characters add nothing to the overall conflict. I dunno if adding them was some backdoor deal to a distribution agreement with Warner Bros but they ultimately only take away from the story of a group of untrained teenagers risking everything to gain a short term advantage over North Korea army.

Photo by Pan Media and Entertainment – © WELL GO USA Entertainment

The film mentions the fact that the Battle of Jangsari was truly a pointless one from the fact that South Korea sent soldiers with no training and very little supplies to fight and ultimately die in a conflict that didn’t affect the overall fate of the war. Because of that, the film struggles to make a connection with its audience as any interesting character is dead before we get to know them so we are stuck with Megan Fox fighting 1950s misogyny in a war film. Battle of Jangsari tried and failed to tell a good story of tragic heroes.





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