Mark Hamill Attacks Ivanka Trump For Posting A Photo Of Her Child In A Star Wars Costume


When leftists hate you, it doesn’t matter if you are taking a photo with your family, they will attack you and your kids. Case in point, miserable progressive actor and Star Wars legend Mark Hamill saw an opportunity to get one in on the Trump kids when Ivanka Trump posted an innocent photo with her family with one of her children wearing a Storm Trooper outfit with the caption “The Force is strong in my family.”

This enraged Mark Hamill who decided to use this opportunity to her family to go ‘force’ themselves

Hamill’s post, dunking on an innocent Star Wars kid was celebrated by many blue checkmarks on the left.

Others didn’t take kindly to Hamill attacking innocent kids.

Remember kids, it’s ok to attack the kids as long as you hate the parents, Luke Skywalker approves.


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40 thoughts on “Mark Hamill Attacks Ivanka Trump For Posting A Photo Of Her Child In A Star Wars Costume

  1. That was pretty stupid of Mark Hamill to do that. I get both Disney and Donald Trump is making him bitter, but still that was a cheap shot. And those blue check marks can go f*** themselves for cheering that cheap shot.

  2. Oh for the love of God! Stop trying to make Hamill look like a villain you Trump sympathizers! He didn’t say anything to the kid, the kid wasn’t the one who made the post, it was Ivanka who is as much of a fraud as our ‘beloved’ president. Hamill’s reply was for her not her kid whom Ivanka had put aside for the picture while her husband and her remained at the center in order to be at the spotlight. So go somewhere else with your false accusations and fake heroism, because you’re not protecting an innocent kid because no innocent kid was attacked on the first place! If you truly care about kids that much, then tell Trump to release the poor kids he has locked up in cages and allow them to reunite with their families.

    1. Which brings up a good point, how much can you make at home posting leftist garbage on right wing sites? Gotta be at least $15/hr, amirite?

    2. Yeah because when Hamill said the fraud was strong with this family, he defintely wasn’t talking about the small child in the Star Wars costume which was the entire reason why Ivanka made the post in the first place…the spin zone is real

  3. Yes, go ahead, judge me for bringing forth a real issue such as innocent children being locked up when you all prefer to trash an actor for calling a fraudulent person a fraud. And if her child was the entire reason for Ivanka making the post then why was the child put aside while Ivanka and her husband were at the center wearing their fancy clothes? It was all publicity for her and Hamill knew it, which is why he replied to Ivanka on her post, it had nothing to do with the child, but is that what you want to believe to make yourselves feel like your actually being heroes then be my guests.

    1. Nice try at deflection but if you cared that much about kids in cages, you would have said something about it 4 years before you even knew it was happening under Obama so miss me with the phony grandstanding on emotion. Hamill was being nothing more than a bitter old man who thinks he’s morally better than everyone…sound familiar?

  4. Oh so now I’m the crybaby when you’re the ones whining for what an actor does on social media? Your problem is that I disagree with you but if I were here saying the exact same harsh things towards Mark Hamill rather than the Trump family you would think otherwise right? I wouldn’t be a crybaby then, even if I were cursing Hamill and his family and saying the worst insults towards them I still wouldn’t be deserving of your criticism, because at least I would be saying what you wanted to hear. And now suddenly we have a telepath that knows exactly what I was doing 4 years ago! Wow! So apart from not concerning yourselves with things that do matter now you assume. Why don’t you just accept that you don’t care unless it is about a celebrity and get it over with?

    1. You’re the one who doesn’t care. You just whine instead of taking action over something that was during the Obama Administration. I don’t want to hear you because you’re an annoying SJW who’s stalking this website.

      1. At least I’m raising my voice against something that matters, unlike you that you’re just whining for something that an actor said on Twitter. So don’t play stupid and jump on the “he even attacked the kid!” Bandwagon. It’s obvious he hates the adults in the family for they are the ones committing crimes, lying and overall being immoral.

      1. Tripling down now? You’re still stalking this website? I’m not the one whining. You are.

      2. You know, normally I would return the favor and insult you back but (123notit) is right if you’re not going to stop, then one of us has to act like the adult here and since obviously that someone isn’t going to be you, I will, so I’m no longer going to respond to your ‘crybaby’ nonsense. Also, I don’t need to proof anything to you but if you must know, Ivanka Trump wasn’t elected to have a position in The White House but she got the position because her father gave it to her. When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called out Ivanka’s presence at the G20, the response was a shrug and the usual jibes about AOC having been a bartender. Apparently money matters. Connections matter. Qualifications certainly don’t, since Ivanka never proved to be qualified for her position before it was given to her by her father. If getting your position in the government bought rather than earned isn’t a crime, then what would you call it?

      3. I’m the “crybaby”? XD Buddy you been whining at this website since this article got published. #Hypocrite

      4. So now you don’t even know how to read properly, I didn’t call YOU a crybaby I said that I would no longer respond to your crybaby nonsense, meaning I wouldn’t acknowledge every time you would call me a crybaby. Please go back to school, you seem like you need it.

  5. Ok guys, I’m going to stop you right there. After reading this entire article and the subsequent comments I have to say that humanity is indeed failing miserably; at what? At acting like human beings! I see two different points of view here regarding an issue and rather than addressing the issue at hand, you guys prefer to waste a discussion on insulting and humiliating each other. Did Anonymous #2 came out to rough with the “Trump sympathizers” thing? Yes! This isn’t about Donald Trump nor his performance as president, so why bring politics into this? I know it’s something hard to avoid since the whole discussion is about Ivanka Trump, but still you should focus on the issue of the discussion rather than bring forth Ivanka’s father, who is a jerk, but at least this once he has nothing to do with the issue. But as the writer of this post/article, societyreviews should have known that anyone can comment on whatever you post on the Internet, whether it is to agree or disagree and if you can’t behave in an unbiased manner without letting your emotions control you, then maybe you should write your next post somewhere more private next time until you’re ready to handle opposing views. As for the Obama thing, yes, he did lock children up as well, but the thing is that unlike Trump, he didn’t brag about it as if it were something to be proud of. Now, I’m not saying that Obama is justified, because he isn’t, but although he did the exact same thing that Anonymous #2 is accusing Trump of, Obama handled it as a politician and kept quiet about it, which is why not many people found out until much later, while Trump brags about it every five minutes so of course the whole world knows. On a side note, I do agree with Anonymous #2 that Hamill’s reply was directed to Ivanka, not her kid.

  6. I am curious as to why do you think it was too much. I mean, given the history of the entire Trump family in business deals and their overall treatment of humanity (unless it is someone of their social/political standings and networks), Mr. Hamill has a point, that their actions are indeed fraudulent.

      1. My proof lies in the fact that a federal judge ruled Wednesday a state-level class action accusing the president and his children Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka of fraud, false advertising and unfair competition in three multilevel marketing (MLM) companies promoted by the Trumps can move forward.

      2. So a judge who’s loyal to Barack Obama? Trump Derangement Syndrome as usual. Give up already, Trump is not going anywhere.

      3. With all due respect but, where’s your proof that the judge is loyal to Barack Obama? I gave you a proof so where’s yours?

      4. No offense, but so far you have only given me your personal opinion, where’s the solidity in your argument? What I gave you was proof, whether you want to accept it as such or not it’s up to you, but I asked you for a proof just like you asked me and so far you have given me nothing. Also, even though my opinion disagrees with yours I am being polite and keeping it civilized, I would be thankful if you showed me the same courtesy please.

      5. He/she won’t grant you the same courtesy, even though when I stopped insulting him/her and gave him a solid argument he did nothing but continuing calling me a crybaby and did not provide me with any proofs either. If I were you I wouldn’t waste my time with him/her any longer, it’s not worth it.

      6. Well, I was already planning on taping it out of here anyway, this discussion has been dragging too long and I’m just here to state my opinion, not to force my views onto others. So peace out everyone, have a great life.

  7. 123notit you should tell that to the others as well. They are overdoing it as well just because someone doesn’t agree with them.

    1. Are you and Anonymous #2 the same person? I am confused here. As for telling it to the others, I did, read my first comment.

  8. (123notit) Yes, I am Anonymous #2 I had some issues with one of my google accounts so I used the other one for the time being.

  9. Ok fixed it, sort of. (123notit) you’re right, perhaps I overdid it with the “Trump sympathizers” line. But the truth of the matter was that people are judging Mark Hamill for bullying a kid which he didn’t.

    1. Yes, I agree with you on the Mark Hamill part but I’m just saying that if Anonymous #1 is already insulting you then don’t insult back, because you won’t make your point go through that way, the only thing you’ll get is a vicious circle of insults and offensive comments. I’m not blaming anyone here, the same goes for everybody else commenting on this webpage, if one person is rude and beyond reasoning don’t get yourselves baited by it.

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