Hustlers Review: A Movie With No One To Root For

Do you hate capitalism?

Do you love feminism?

Do you hate Wall Street?

If you do, you will LOVE this film…if not, there is NOTHING for you here.

Photo by Courtesy of STXfilms – © Motion Picture Artwork © 2019 STX Financing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Hustlers is producer Adam McKay’s latest “Wall Street is bad” film project where a bunch of strippers rob people who progressives believe are responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. The idea of the film is “well, they ‘robbed’ us, so it’s okay to rob them because capitalism is bad”. So from the jump, you have to accept the narrative that bankers ‘illegally’ gave people loans they knew they couldn’t afford on the sole basis of greed and ignore the politicians who created laws under the guise that buying a home was a human right or something. If you don’t, you won’t make it very far in this film. It was a few of months ago where rapper and progressive hero Cardi B admitted to drugging and robbing men during her days as a stripper and she got a lot of heat for it, justifiably so. In this movie, strippers drug and rob a bunch men in pretty much the exact same fashion and it is hailed as female empowerment under the justification “well, these are wall street guys so it is ok when it happens to them”. 

These are the type of mental gymnastics you are required to excel at in order to emotionally connect with anyone who is on-screen. The wall street guys are douchebags and the women who are committing felonies are the heroes. This film is like watching two heel pro wrestlers square off in a match. The crowd has no one to cheer for because they are both scumbags. You are watching someone who spends their money on cocaine and hookers, get robbed by said hooker, who then spends stolen money on cars and designer bags; all while being expected to sympathize with the hooker. 

Photo by Courtesy of STXfilms – © Motion Picture Artwork © 2019 STX Financing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Anyone who is applauding this film is doing so for the messaging and brownie points, not the quality. An all-female cast, a female director, a female screenwriter, and women getting over on men. Pour in some progressive dogma and you have a media push to give Jennifer Lopez an oscar because she had the best performance in a film full of pop singers and d-list actresses. Basically, it’s the same people claiming Black Panther was the best film of the year when it wasn’t even the best Marvel film that year.

Hustlers is basically a heel program at your local bingo hall outlaw pro wrestling show…the crowd of 20 people in attendance loves every second of it while all the normies are genuinely baffled by the appeal from the weirdos. 




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5 thoughts on “Hustlers Review: A Movie With No One To Root For

  1. I’ll see check this movie out (just for reviewing sake), but it doesn’t even look that interesting at all….and your review definitely just reinforces my skepticism about the film.

      1. It’s the era of butthurt women. Hillary didn’t get elected even when it was her turn. Worse, she lost to a privileged gross white male billionaire non politician who wants to grab women by the veejayjay. Obviously it’s men’s fault in general and more conditioning and screaming at men are in order. Also therapeutic movies (for women) where men are getting screwed, robbed, lectured and sat in the corner until they admit women are superior.

  2. If you have already been exposed to this movie, I suggest an antidote of watching any “Matt Helm” movie starring Dean Martin, the early Bonds or possibly “Our Man Flint”. Those always work to revive my toxic masculinity. They are like garlic to feminist vampires.

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