47 Meters Down Uncaged Review: A Very Minor Improvement On A Poor Setup

Two years ago, 47 Meters Down was released to strong box office results (strong in the sense that the movie only had a 5 million dollar budget). outside of that, the film really didn’t have much going for it but in current-day Hollywood, if a film makes a $5 in profit, there must be a sequel and here we have 47 Meters Down Uncaged. The story from the first film was a group of sharks attacking a group of really stupid women. In the sequel, it’s pretty much the same thing with the difference being now we have 4 girls and the sharks are blind…kinda…not really.

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47 Meters Down Uncaged is a story about a group of teenage girls who decide to dive into an underground Mayan city by themselves. When they get there, they discover a pack of great white sharks who are blind due to the lack of light has taken over the underground city and they must find an out way before the girls run out of air.

I didn’t think much of the first film so Uncaged is certainly an improvement on that but it isn’t much better. For a film that is less than 90 minutes in runtime, there is far too much filler meaning the real meat of this story is only about 40 minutes.  For a bunch of people who are supposed to be smart biologists, once again, plot included stupidity makes everyone look like a complete dope. The dialogue is what you would expect Hollywood thinks a group of borderline Gen-Zers would sound like. The effects look very computer-generated and the plot point of having the sharks be blind is undercut by having them hunt and kill no differently than the regular sharks. 

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You have more empathy for SOME of these girls than you do for Mandy Moore but that is the only real upgrade between the two films. 47 Meters Down Uncaged is a minor improvement but an overall miss.






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