The Intruder Review: Unhinged Dennis Quaid Is A Sight To See

It’s easy to watch the trailer for The Intruder and assume that you are going to be in for a completely ridiculous movie. While you would be 100% correct, there is surprisingly enough charm here to be considered almost pretty good, an a complete schlock way.

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The Intruder stars Michael Ealy and Meagan Good as Scott and Annie Howard, a youngish married couple who, after a big promotion decides buy a massive home outside Napa Valley. The problem is, they bought the home from a certified crazy person, who is not willing to give up the house by any means. Not only does he have an eye on the house, but he also has an eye for Annie as well. In the middle of nowhere, with a crazy nutjob that refuses to leave, Scott and Annie must get over their ridiculous phobias or else accept their fates as human meat suits.

The premise of this film is ridiculous because all you have to do is look at Dennis Quaid for 2 seconds and realize he is a man who shouldn’t be trusted to mow the lawn, let alone be with your wife unattended but that goes to show you how dumb our couple are. Scott is literally triggered by guns and refuses to have them in his house. Keep in mind, they live miles away from any help with random teenagers and hunters who regularly trespass on their property. Then you have Annie, who despite being sold as an “country girl” displays the wit of a valley girl when it comes to trusting a man who was supposed to have left the state months ago and had been warned multiple times by her husband about the creepy guy’s action.

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Dennis Quaid is what makes this work because he is as crazy and over the top as the movie needs him to be. His faces, actions, and mannerisms make him a surprisingly awesome antagonist. When he isn’t hiding in the shadows like Batman, his screen presence makes him the MVP of the film. Sadly, that is where the praise ends. When Quaid isn’t on-screen, it is hard to ignore the poor editing and the fact the rest of the cast are not written in a way that makes you want to root for them. This movie will get a raise out of the crowd in the theaters and not in a good way, you’ll be yelling at your screen like a 1980s horror flick as our main character make one dumb decision after another. The Intruder has some gems included as long as you don’t take it seriously, but if you aren’t watching this as a VOD time killer, you are probably wasting your time in the long run.





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