P Storm (2019) P Feng bao Review: A Prison Film That Stumbles Across The Finish Line

Two years ago, almost to the date, I watched a South Korean prison thriller simply called The Prison. The plot revolved around a crime boss who had secretly taken over an entire prison and used it as a front for his criminal organization. Here you have a Chinese title under the name P Storm (yes seriously) which has a similar premise, but the execution is no more near as good due to a final act that falls apart at the seams.

P Storm is the 4th film of the Chinese “Storm” franchise. This time, ICAC chief investigator William Luk goes undercover as a prisoner to investigate a suspected bribery and money laundering case involving the son of a rich businessman and fellow inmate Cao Yuenyuen. When it is discovered that corrupt prison officers, including the warden on his payroll, Luk must obtain the evidence he needs to close the case before his cover is blown by an old rival he put in the prison.

I’d haven’t had the pleasure (or pain) or watching L Storm, S Storm, or Z Storm but P Storm is decent enough undercover action film up until a point. The story isn’t exciting and the setup is pretty standard for the genre. There is some good stunt choreography, which leads to entertaining fight sequences as well as a couple of clever cat and mouse games. The problem comes with the 3rd act which goes completely off the rails. It feels like the movie suddenly realized that they were running out of time before the finish so they crammed about 40 minutes of plot into the last 15. It like the film fast forwarded itself and just managed to end right before the latest episode of SVU came on at the top of the hour. P Storm at the end of the day is a standard action film, not terrible but as generic as they come.


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