Mortal Kombat 11 Decides That Boobs Are Too Much For Their Ultra Violent Video Game

In a video game where female characters can kick someone in the balls so hard that their entire spine comes shooting out of their head…developers decided to ‘cover up’ their female characters’ bodies to portray a more “realistic combat”.

In one of the dumbest stories that I believe I have covered on this site, NetherRealm’s art director Steve Beran confirmed with Polygon that the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 will ‘desexualize’ their female characters and he is not bothered by the backlash.

“Our design is just getting more mature and respectful. You’re not going to wear a bikini to a fight. You’re not going to be showing so much skin. I think it’s just what the game is about: You’re going in to fight for your life, and you’re not going to be wearing such scantily clad items.
“I’m sure that will disappoint some fans. We don’t have bathing suit fighters, and I think that’s fine. If people are disappointed, I don’t regret making that change by any means.”

Yeah, because in a video game where undead zombie ninjas use their inner demons to rip their opponents in half with their bare hands, we don’t want to do crazy things like fight in bikinis or something, how would anyone take us seriously?

As Bounding Into Comics pointed out that despite the effort to cover up the women, those efforts weren’t shared with the men of the series, some of which are fighting in jhorts.

Image result for cena aa gif

It is no secret that feminists have taken issue with the sex appeal of the Mortal Kombat series for quite some time. Progressives were outraged at the design of female characters of 2011’s Mortal Kombat and NetherRealm has been trying to atone ever since.

Now you are probably saying to yourself “Well those costumes from MK9 are gratuitous and a tone down of Mileena fighting in layers of strings was needed for the progress of the series”. Well, to that let me respond with the complete display on Fatalities the game has to offer because if there is one takeaway to have in this discussion, that is ripping out your opponent’s spine and shoving it back up his own ass…that’s fine. But we are drawing the line at giving women D cups you incels!

Mortal Kombat 11 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on April 23rd.

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8 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 11 Decides That Boobs Are Too Much For Their Ultra Violent Video Game

  1. Not Realistic Fighting- Big boobs in a bikini

    Realistic Fighting- Zombie versions of yourself fight you, a time traveling Johnny Cage, literal monsters, multiple realms, ability to manipulate elements, lizard people, cyborg ninja, undead ninja, smoke ninja, demon ninja, people punching heads clean off, casual spine rips…..

    Thank God they cleared that up.

  2. You can kick a girl in the pussy so hard her pelvis shatter, but heaven forbid you get a boner during that.

    The amazing is, that when the game was announced they where practically jerking off over how obscene the violence is, but exposed skin? Yea put a kibosh on that.

    1. Check out the “Dead or Alive” franchise dude. It’s got some great “jiggle” physics.

  3. Honestly might have considered it if the females were sexualized. In a game this indulgent and over the top, why hold back just that? You can do any number of disgusting things to the human body but oh my god, sex, nudity, NO….I mean what? Am I the last sane man left on earth? The gore is admittedly too gross, and I’m not that into it, but hey, I might swing them some dollars for some sexualization. I’m just more into it as I grow older and less into gore. I’m one who understands that video games are separate from reality, and that they are an indulgence sometimes of utter nonsense.

  4. Really!? Extreme violence, zombies, multiple realms, cyborgs, monster people with swords coming from their arms, monsters and demons, time travel, and sorcery is fine, but heaven forbid a chesty babe revealing some skin. That’s where I draw the line!

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