Mortal Kombat 11’s Jax Goes Full Killmonger

A few weeks ago, NetherRealm Studios confirmed that the game makers purposely ‘desexualize’ their female characters for a more ‘realistic’ presentation, many worried that the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 game would fall victim to progressive politics being injected into the Mortal Kombat franchise at the cost of the fans. What they didn’t expect was one of the game’s endings for its key character going full Black Nationalist.

In a story originally reported by OneAngryGamer, A YouTuber by the name of Lost Ambush posted on his channel the Klassic Tower Ending for Jax Briggs from the Mortal Kombat 11 game. When you beat the game playing as Jax, you get an ending cutscene which involves Jax going back in time to stop slavery in the United States thus making the world a better place for ‘everyone’. Lost Ambush has since taken down the video.

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So many things to unpack here.

Historically, Jackson “Jax” Briggs in the Mortal Kombat universe has been known for three things, being a member of the United States Special Forces, his companionship with fellow MK character Sonya Blade, and losing his arms in the fight against Outworld. What the folks at NetherRealm decided to do is wipe their ass with twenty-six years of character development and personality traits because one of their writers recently watched Black Panther and said “Well Jax is black, so clearly he would support creating a racial ethnostate and stick it to those evil western colonizers”. But let’s go even deeper than that.

As the ending goes, Jax decides that out of all the events that has happened in world history that American slavery is the one that needs to be corrected to make a world a better place. Not the Holocaust, not 9/11, not Vietnam, not the Armenian genocide, not Russian famine…why? Because he’s black. In the scene, he is warned that creating such a change in the timeline could lead to catastrophic effects such as losing his family, but he goes against this advice as the dialogue states, “what kind of man would he be if he didn’t do this with the power he possess.” You know who else said this? Killmonger, the villain in Black Panther.

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In that film, Killmonger wanted to use Wakandan technology to arm black people all across the world and start a race war that would lead to black people “overthrowing their oppressors and killing their children.” Why? Because Wakanda had the “technology” to do so.

In the film he states:

Killmonger: You know, where I’m from… when black folks started revolutions, they never had the firepower… or the resources to fight their oppressors. Where was Wakanda? Hmm? Yeah, all that ends today. We got spies embedded in every nation on Earth. Already in place. I know how colonizers think. So we’re gonna use their own strategy against ’em. We’re gonna send vibranium weapons out to our War Dogs. They’ll arm oppressed people all over the world… so they can finally rise up and kill those in power. And their children. And anyone else who takes their side. It’s time they know the truth about us!

Obviously, a NetherRealm writer watched this and decided that a radical who wished to start a race war leading to the deaths of innocent ‘oppressors’, their children, and anyone who dared took their side was clearly the hero of this story and decided it would make a great ending for the black guy in OUR game…


If this wasn’t face palm worthy enough, the ending of Jax DIRECTLY contradicts the ending of his daughter, Jacqui Briggs, who sacrifices her own life to protect her father in the same game. Meanwhile, Jax clearly doesn’t mind his daughter being erased from history if it means protecting the future of Wakanda.

It is here where the remaining dialogue comes straight mind of a person who only source for news is NowThis and The Rachel Maddow Show. Jax continues by saying “I’ve have been lucky to live the American Dream, but most people who look like me haven’t had that chance”. So the only way to help current day black Americans is to go 250 years into the past and prevent slavery from happening in the US? No word if stopping slavery in Africa (the largest slave trade in the world which continues to this day) is in the plans. Jax reaffirms his Black Power stance by stating that he wasn’t going to wait centuries for people to get ‘woke’ when he has the power to do something now.

Jax then explains that it takes him MULTIPLE times of screwing with space and time to get the correct ending that HE is conformable with. An ending which sees his family reunited in a Wakanda-like setting as he closes out by telling the audience: “The world is now a better place for EVERYONE (Despite that there are only black people in his version of the future). Turns out you can have everything and anyone who says you can’t needs to dream bigger.”

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Now the obvious question would be how would stopping slavery (only in the US mind you) make the EarthRealm any safer when the REAL threat to this universe has always been Outworld and NetherRealm? Did Shao Khan suddenly decide not to combine the realms now that systematic racism no longer exists? What about NetherRealm, are the demons of hell no longer trying to bring down Earth now that Donald Trump doesn’t become president in the future? The answer is the writer didn’t think about any of this because the people at NetherRealm don’t give a damn about the Mortal Kombat universe and it’s canon. To them MK11, is just another platform to push progressive politics on their customers and then attack the ones who don’t like it as ‘ists’ and ‘isms’ to further their agenda.

Mortal Kombat 11 comes out on sale this Tuesday.


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5 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat 11’s Jax Goes Full Killmonger

  1. I think someone forgot to tell the people at NeverRealm Studios that Killmonger from Black Panther was the villain of that movie. For Mortal Kombat 11, this will just be another Get Woke Go Broke issue.

  2. Wait a second, so let me get this straight, the reason Africa is Africa and America is America boils down to:

    African’s captured their neighbors, enslaved them, and sold them to the Europeans and Americans, but those slaves were the ones who turned the advancement tide, and made AMERICA awesome…… but if they had been left in Africa, would have, instead, made AFRICA awesome?

    I mean that’s the only logical way that this could come about. There must have been special men and women who were sold to America that would have been able to create Africantopia had they been left alone…..

  3. It would be pretty easy to keep slavery out of America. Just go back and educate, intimidate or kill Anthony Johnson. Johnson was an Angolan who had been captured by Arabs and sold as an “indentured servant” – which meant that his “slavery” was only 5 to 7 years. A large number of whites, btw, were also indentured servants to pay for their passage or debts. Johnson became a successful tobacco grower and owned his own indentured servants. He went to court over a civil matter where it was ruled that his men could be slaves in perpetuity. This was slave zero in slavery in America.

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