Jay Leno Is Not A Fan Of What Late Night Comedy Has Become

During the 1990s and 2000s, Jay Leno was the undisputed King of Late Night TV. During Leno’s time on top, he always focused his show on comedy and being entertaining, even during the scandals of the Clinton and Bush administrations, his show remained a show that everyone could enjoy which is why he was so loved. Well as Jimmy Kimmel, one of Leno’s late night enemies put it recently, now late night has become a hub for far left political activism as the days of being politically neutral “no longer prevails”.

One person who is not happy about that…Jay Leno. The former Late Night host took a shot at what the industry he dominated for many years has become in the age of Donald Trump.

You know, everything now… everyone has to know your politics, Leno said. I tried to use Johnny’s model, and I would get hate mail from both sides equally and thought well that’s fabulous, that’s exactly what I want. But when people see you as one-sided, it makes it tough. And, you know, I did it when Clinton was horny and Bush was dumb, and it was just a little easier.

Leno added:

Because, you know, the theory when we did the show was you just watch the news, we’ll make fun of the news, and get your mind off the news. Well, now people just want to be on the news all the time. You just have one subject that’s the same topic every night, which makes it – makes it very hard. I mean, all the comics, Jimmy and Colbert and everybody else, it’s tough when that’s the only topic out there.
Now it’s all very serious, I’d just like to see a bit of civility come back to it.
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President Trump himself responded to Leno’s comments in a tweet.

“Jay Leno points out that comedy (on the very boring late night shows) is totally one-sided. It’s tough when there’s only one topic.” Actually, the one-sided hatred on these shows is incredible and for me, unwatchable. But remember, WE are number one – President!

Late night television has become a competition about who can have the most extreme Anti-Trump take in a field dominated by Progressives. Between Colbert, Kimmel, Noah, Meyers, Bee, Maher, etc. Children of this generation will never know about the era of Late Night TV that was more about jokes and guests rather than hostility and anger.

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3 thoughts on “Jay Leno Is Not A Fan Of What Late Night Comedy Has Become

  1. I never was a fan of Leno but he’s spot on. I stopped watching the Democrat sponsored nightly political assassinations. It gets old. I go to places that stop talking politics and there aren’t many.

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