Former Samantha Bee Writer Travon Free’s Racist And Anti-Semitic Tweets Resurface

It was only one week ago that Samantha Bee on her Late Night show Full Frontal was making the case that conservatives were dog whistling anti-semitism in America following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. While Bee wasted no time blaming her political opponents for anti-semitic rhetoric, it seems like members of her own writing staff had a much bigger problem with hateful comments towards Jews.

Travon Free, who is an Emmy Award-winning writer for his work on Daily Show and producer of the HBO show Camping had some anti-semitic tweets resurface following some racist tweets he posted following the 2018 midterms. Free began his day berating white women and the people of Texas who didn’t vote for Beto O’Rourke in the Texas Senate race with the following comments:

“Ted Cruz being re-elected when Beto was the other option says more about the quality of the people of Texas than it does about Beto.”

“Black women voted 95% for Beto. White women did what white women do.”

After laughing at the idea that he was being racist, Twitter users including Jon Levine, Media Editor at The Wrap began to uncover some very offensive content towards Jews on his feed. Some of the deplorable comments ranged from:

“All it takes is 3 Jewish guys to end the NFL lock out. Who would be better at collective bargaining that a group of jews?”

“How come no one ever channels their inner Hitler anymore?”

“Damn, Jew Bastard N****r Lover tho??”

“Got cut off by a Jew in traffic, WWHD (What Would Hitler Do?”

After his horrible comments were exposed online, Free took to social media to apologize using the James Gunn excuse that it was “just jokes” however, his apology did not mention Jewish people or Judaism at all.

HBO released a statement regarding the comments and said:

“HBO is not in business with Travon Free nor do we have any plans to be, This kind of language is deeply offensive and inexcusable.”

The “it’s just jokes” defense was not accepted for people like Roseanne Barr who was blacklisted from Hollywood following her tweet in May. We have recently seen Megyn Kelly fired from NBC because she had a debate about blackface. The media cannot continue to allow racist and anti-Jewish comments by people on the left simply because they are progressives and not conservatives. If criticizing George Soros is viewed as Anti-Jewish, then comments like these cannot be written off as simple jokes.

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