Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer Review: Brutal Expose Of Abortion

There is a reason why Hollywood wanted NOTHING to do with this film. It’s not because Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer is terrible, it’s because the film eviscerates one of progressive Hollywood’s largest cash cows industries…abortion. Abortion is without a doubt a hot topic issue, you have either considered it to be murder or a matter of a woman’s right to choose with no wiggle room in between. While there are undoubtedly pro-life voices behind the making of this film (A film that was completely crowdfunded BTW), this isn’t a pro-life lecture but a look at the real-life story of Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor who was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of killing three babies after they were born alive. Now if you believe that an unborn child isn’t a ‘life’ then the official number is 3 babies, however, after watching this movie, you may be able to make the case that number is in the thousands.

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Gosnell begins with two Philadelphia Detectives (Dean Cain & Alonzo Rachel) on the verge of a massive prescription drug bust, the duo leads a raid of an abortion doctor suspected of giving out fraudulent drug prescriptions, but what they discover is the horror of an abortion clinic run under completely unsafe and hazardous conditions such as nurses who lack the proper training to give aid and hundreds of discarded dead babies bagged up scattered everywhere. The police believe they have a solid case for murder, however, nobody wants to bring an abortion doctor up on murder charges due to the bad optics. The film becomes an intense legal battle that involves details so sickening, it’s made even worse by the fact, it is all true.

As stated earlier, there is a reason why nobody in Hollywood wanted to distribute this film. Gosnell even exposed the fact that the media had no interest whatsoever in covering the trial. There is an argument to be made about why banning abortion could lead to the conditions portrayed in this film thus making the case on why that may not be a good idea no matter what side of the aisle you are on. When it comes to Hollywood however, they don’t just endorse abortion, they celebrate it. They spend millions of dollars to fund organizations to run abortion clinics. The dirty little secret about abortion is that as much as people talk about it as ‘women’s healthcare’, no one ever talks about the procedure of that ‘choice’, and there is a reason for that.

GVN Releasing

Gosnell does not spare the gory details about how his clinic went about terminating a life and the real-life details are not for the faint of heart. The abortion itself turns out to be the least disturbing part of the story, the heart-wrenching reality is what he did to babies who survived outside of the womb and the horrible conditions those babies that survived endured until their deaths. The stories about this case will make even the strongest voices of the pro-choice camp change their tune (which is what legitimately happened to many prosecutors involved in this case). That’s why a film like this is so dangerous to Hollywood, it is indeed powerful enough to change minds and it can’t be discredited as propaganda because it’s all true.

Credit where credit is due, for a film that was crowdfunded, the filmmaking was handled by passionate people who gave it a very professional look given its scale. The standout performances here come from Earl Billings and Sarah Jane Morris as they sell the story with their emotions and reactions to what is happening around them. Gosnell isn’t a film that gets on its soapbox because the soapbox isn’t needed. The story that is told here shows audiences the uncomfortable truth that no one wants to discuss. By watching this Gosnell, you may still be pro-choice, but you can’t no longer claim not to know what happens behind closed doors.




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10 thoughts on “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer Review: Brutal Expose Of Abortion

  1. I remember waching “Amadeus” and thinking that they must have made Mozart more over-the-top than he really had been in order for modern audiences to be as shocked by his behavior as his contemporaries would have been. Then I learned more about Mozart and found out that he’d actually been toned down for the movie. The real Mozart wasn’t content to just blatantly fart on people at parties; he’d climb onto the table and defecate among the dishes.

    In the same vein, “Gosnell’s” toned-down story seems too over-the-top to be true, but only scratches the surface of how horrible the reality was. The aspect the filmmakers left the most untouched is Gosnell’s involvement in mainstream abortion practice and his immersion in the most highly reputable circles.

    Gosnell got his idea for “snipping” the spines of newly-born babies at the 1992 National Abortion Federation Risk Mangement Seminar in Dallas, when Dr. Martin Haskell presented his Dilation and Extraction (D&X) abortion procedure, later dubbed “Partial Birth Abortion” by the prolife movement. D&X involved dragging the fetus out feet-first, stopping just before the head was delivered. The doctor would use surgical scissors to make a hole at the base of the skull, then suction out the brain and collapse the head. Gosnell somehow decided that snipping the spinal cord was a more effective way to “ensure fetal demise” (a term Haskell used often in his presentation), and that it was easier to wait until the baby was all the way out before taking that step.

    Of course, NAF can’t be held culpable for what Gosnell decided to do with Haskell’s innovation. But they can be held culpable for their failures.

    After the death of Karnamaya Mongar, Gosnell decided to try to redeem himself professionally by becoming a NAF member himself. A NAF inspector came to the clinic and concluded that there was no remedial action plan that could bring Gosnell up to their standards. She took no further action. She did not report him to the authorities, which was a major moral failure even though, in retrospect, we know that this would have changed nothing. More to the point, she took no steps to warn other NAF clinics to stop referring their patients to him. The mother of at least one of the babies whose feet Gosnell preserved had been referred to him by a NAF member

    Worse yet, the NAF inspector did nothing to ensure that Gosnell was fired from the National Abortion Federation clinic where he worked in Delaware. This reputable clinic would collect fees from women who trusted them to live up to NAF’s promise of the very safest in abortion care. They’d turn the women over to Gosnell, who would start his illegal third-trimester abortions on-site before scheduling the next stage at his Philadelphia hell-hole. Gosnell started the abortion that led to the birth and subsequent murder of Baby Boy A at the Delaware NAF clinic.

    There are lessons for everyone in “Gosnell.” Prochoice citizens would do well to remember how both Gosnell and his enablers in the Governor’s office and the Department of Health used abortion-lobby talking points to justify what went on behind the doors of 3801 Lancaster. Prolife citizens would do well to remember that regulations are pointless without the will to look behind those doors and take action when necessary. Both sides are far too compacent in their beliefs that their favored approaches do anything to protect vulnerable women from the Gosnells of the world. And both sides would do well to remember what a battle it was to put an end to the atrocities once they were uncovered, all assurances of both law and the National Abortion Federation to the contrary.

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