Ike Barinholtz Blames Trump Supporters For Pittsburgh Terrorist Attack: “It’s Your Fault”

Ike Barinholtz REALLY hates Donald Trump

And if you support Donald Trump, he REALLY hates you too.

Last Saturday in one of the worst terrorist attacks against Jewish people in this country’s history, a man shot and killed 11 people at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Despite the fact, the shooter, who was a Neo-Nazi that thought the president was controlled by Jews and stated he never voted or supported the president, that didn’t stop Barinholtz and dozens of other progressives Hollywood celebrities from not just blaming Trump but anyone who supports him.

“As an American Jew, I feel nauseous. And if you support Donald Trump you should too because this shit is on YOU. IT’S YOUR FAULT,” actor Ike Barinholtz wrote. “Remember that tonight as you’re trying to go to sleep.”

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Barinholtz justifies this by saying because the shooter tweeted about the massive caravan of 7,000 – 14,000 South American illegal immigrants on their way to the US/Mexico border, that’s why Trump and his supporters are responsible for the shooting.

(BTW the shooter didn’t Tweet about it because he was on GAB, not Twitter).

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Barinholtz is currently promoting his latest film called The Oath, a movie he stars in, wrote, and directed about a dystopian future where people across America are required to sign an oath to the president (wink wink). The film has grossed $387,390 in 3 weeks at the box office. By comparison, the film Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer has grossed more money this weekend than The Oath has in its entire run.


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5 thoughts on “Ike Barinholtz Blames Trump Supporters For Pittsburgh Terrorist Attack: “It’s Your Fault”

  1. Could you imagine if he said it WASN’T Trump or his supporters fault?… He would never work again. This shooter was an obvious anti-trumper who hated Jews. What in the world would lead this guys to make such an idiotic statement? its an obvious Hollywood kiss up job. Finally, his phone is ringing. He will be getting more work real soon.

  2. From his Wiki:

    “He had planned on becoming a politician, but decided to move to Los Angeles, California, to be an actor instead.

    Barinholtz also attended Boston University and after dropping out, he worked for the Chicago Transit Authority before starting his comedy career. In a 2013 interview, he said he dropped out of school because he hated it and was doing poorly.”

    This guy was built in a factory to be the perfect model of an uneducated Leftist.

    What a loser.

  3. So, the people who support Jews, Israel, and the Jewish State, are being blamed by anti semites who support the Palestinians in their quest to exterminate Israel? The President who has a Jewish son-in-law, daughter, and grandchildren is responsible for violence against Jews? That was totally expected.

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