A.X.L. Review: A Movie Better Suited For Streaming

What is so odd about the film A.X.L. is that we essentially know nothing about this film. I can’t recall any trailers or marketing for this film leading up to its release. As of this writing, I don’t even believe there has even been a rumored budget of the film.

Global Road Entertainment

All of this sounds like Global Road Entertainment really didn’t have any faith in this movie at all and it’s not hard to see why. A.X.L. is a film about the military newest plan to create an animal like weapon to be used on the battlefield. A-X-L which stands for Attack, Exploration, Logistics is a robotic dog machine that made for combat. However, the dog escapes from a top-secret facility and finds a boy, racer/mechanic Miles Hill, who pairs with A-X-L to create a bond. But the government wants it’s 70 million project back so it’s up to Miles and his new girlfriend to protect A-X-L from the military and a group of douchebags who want revenge on Miles for being too good at the sport.

Watching this film you understand the complete lack of marketing because A.X.L. suffers from a very low-budget feel. It’s hard to tell if this was supposed to be an Amazon Film or a Disney Channel Original because it floats somewhere between the two. The actors are very amateur meaning you can tell that don’t have much experience. Thomas Jane is in the cast for 5 minutes to justify a theatrical release and he is the only actor with real experience. A.X.L. isn’t necessarily bad but it is very simplistic. The sets are very small in scale, some even look like they are reused for other scenes like something out of a 1980s B movie. The script has some eye-rolling moments like our main character spending two days in the valley with no food or water and the fact this is ANOTHER film where the military tries to create a weapon in a world where drones and tanks already exist.

Global Road Entertainment

As much as I can see the potential in a film like, the reality is that A.X.L. is far better suited for a streaming service than wide cinema release. If you like cheesy B films I would give it a look, otherwise, this is sadly a pass for moviegoers.




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