Death of a Nation Review: An Effective Takedown of Central Planning Superstates

I wasn’t going to review this movie originally, but given all the recent politically loaded films being released such as The First Purge, Sorry to Bother You, and BlacKkKlansman; why not watch a film that didn’t paint America as such a terrible place? To the surprise of no one, Dinesh D’Souza is one of the most hated figures of the American left for his politically charged films that don’t virtue signal in the right way. So it should be no surprise to anyone that the left HATES this film. By why? Well, besides the fact the film smears the left’s own words about the 2016 election right back in their faces, the answer is pretty simple.

Death of a Nation attacks the history of two ideologies that mold the foundation of the modern-day left….Socialism and Racism. As much as the blue checkmark leftists on Twitter believe in their heart of hearts that anyone who supported Donald Trump is a fascist, Death of a Nation discredits the ideologies of Fascism, Communism, and Socialism. Simply put, if you are a person who hates capitalism and sees socialism (and in some cases even communism) as the only option to a functioning society, you will hate this film because it shreds the true history of socialism which many wish to bury.

This film seeks to destroy the narratives adopted by the left which is why the film considered so dangerous. The rush to discredit everything as a lie is to protect the belief that every mass-murdering regime in world history was the result of a right-wing ideology, while also believing that left-wing ideologies such as socialism and communism weren’t properly tried. D’Souza does not ignore the Socialism in National Socialism that many others do and details a deep look into how the Germany workers’ party actually adopted its policies and inspired their form of governance.

Racism is another narrative that is explored. They attack the narrative that the two major political parties ‘switched sides’ in the 1970s, meaning that the ugly racist past of the Democrats was actually the fault of Republicans.  D’Souza even interviews the left’s boogeyman, Alt-right leader Richard Spencer. While the narrative is that Spencer is a man of the right, his ideology is far separated from that of a conservative. From his support of single payer, strong government, and disbelief in free speech and property rights, in Spencer’s own words, he believes less in ‘Reaganism’ and more in the belief of what some would call ‘progressivism’. Ironically this is a belief that Spencer has always supported, but is never explained by the media who simply describes him as a Trump Supporting Nazi.

Now have to call out the way the film is edited. If we are going to call out when the left terribly edits interviews such as the Richard Meyer interview, which was done to paint him as a racism, then I have to do with same here. Now I understand you can’t have full hour-long interviews in a feature film, but the cuts are pretty blatant and noticeable. That doesn’t mean the film was misleading, it actually goes the extra mile to give context to narratives that are accepted by the left without none. Narratives such as ‘the parties switched sides’ are met with ‘well let’s look at the history of George Wallace, Robert Byrd, and Al Gore Sr’. My biggest gripe about Death of a Nation is that they didn’t go further into certain subjects as I would have liked but the film is an effective takedown of central planning superstates.




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