Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies Hit Piece On Richard Meyer Angers…Everyone

UPDATE: After a MASSIVELY negative response to the Comedy Central Hit Piece on Richard Meyer, they have pulled the video on YouTube and the Comedy Central main site.

Last night, Comedy Central released a 7-minute video from The Jim Jefferies Show in which Jim interviews Richard Meyer, the Youtuber know as Diversity & Comics. The video mocks Richard and Comicsgate as bigots who have a problem with diversity in comics. We have heard this strawman before but now it has the platform of Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central to bring it to light. You would figure that this would be a slam dunk for the distractors of #Comicsgate but in a weird twist, it seems like NO ONE is happy about the video.

The video titled Diversity in Comics Makes Bigots Mad was an obvious hit piece which both sides agree with, the video on Youtube currently has 1,800 likes to 3,500 dislikes and the comments are full of people attacking the clear bias in the piece. Now the fact that the piece was biased isn’t anything new for Comedy Central as they have been doing edited interviews since the early days of The Daily Show. What is baffling about this piece is that even critics of Meyers are unhappy with it, because it gives him a platform to speak, even if that platform is mocking him.

Heather Antos who has had a longstanding feud with Meyers took to Twitter to complain about Jefferies having Meyers on his show.

Others followed mirroring the same sentiment

Amazingly, a hit piece that was created to mock a group of people and their views on the comics industry has now drawn the ire of their detractors for simply giving them a platform that was used to mock them.

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