Richard Meyer Starts New Indiegogo Following Successful Jawbreakers Campaign

Two months ago, Conservative Youtuber Richard Meyer, commonly known as his YouTube name Diversity & Comics launched the successful crowdfunded graphic novel via INDIEGOGO  “Jawbreakers: Lost Souls,”. The crowdfunded project about a tale of a team of ex-superheroes who are attempting “to save a ‘monster’ from a vicious warlord who wants to exploit it was a smash hit that drew $358,000 in sales. Meyers who has drawn ire from the comic industry due to his Youtube channel which criticzes SJW content in comic books led to a backlash that saw his Jawbreakers book dropped by it’s intital publisher Antarctic Press who decided not to release the book due to industry pressure. This decision led to Meyers to go independent and create the self pubishing label called Splatto Comics. On Sunday night, Splatto Comics and Meyers announced their next project, Iron Sights, is now available to support on Indiegogo.

Iron Sights is described as the story of an Iraq War veteran nicknamed “Ramadi” who inadvertently starts a border war when he rescues a beautiful woman from a Mexican cartel. The book is written by Meyer and Carlos Ivan Silva with art from Ibai Canales. With a deadline of July 15th, the goal for this project is only $10,000 which has already been surpassed. A $20 donation will get you the 120 page book by August 2018, a $40 will get you the book and a pin up poster.

Preview Art

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2 thoughts on “Richard Meyer Starts New Indiegogo Following Successful Jawbreakers Campaign

  1. Mark Waid contributed strongly to Antarctic Press’ decision to drop his book. The Comics Industry PROS aren’t happy because someone of a different perspective makes comics. Those foolishly think he’s something along the lines of a white supremacist. I am happy he is able to give old fans a real place to love comics and a space for new comers who just wanna support to stop any form of SJW radical takeover. I had gripes with Richard, but he’s a needed voice in the industry right now.

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