‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Already Bombing In China


Looks like China has had enough of Disney’s Star Wars in their cinema. The latest Star Wars Story is getting off to a miserable start in the world’s biggest moviegoing market according to a new Forbes report. Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to make only 10 million in its opening weekend in China this week. The Last Jedi made $42.6 million in China before being pulled in theaters. Rogue One earned $69m gross in China and The Force Awakens with $124m in China from a $33m opening day. It looks like it looks like Solo is going to drop around 45% from Last Jedi.

Earlier this year I wrote that people are very quickly giving up on the Disney’s Star Wars brand. The Last Jedi made 700 million dollars less than The Force Awakens and now Solo is looking to be the lowest grossing movie of the Disney series yet. Keep in mind, due to the reshoots that took place, Solo’s production is a hefty 250-300 Million dollars that doesn’t even include marketing. Solo: A Star Wars Story needs to make at least 500 million to break even but they would need one billion dollars to meet Disney’s expectations and it looks like their first week totals won’t be enough to carry it anywhere close to that.


There is a growing rebellion against the Disney/Kathleen Kennedy era of Star Wars and no matter how you try to dress it up, the outlook isn’t good for Solo, Episode IX, or any of the LucasFilm projects going forward.


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