Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Discussion

I gave my review earlier of Avengers: Infinity Wars, but I didn’t go into details about my complaints about the film. Mainly because it was very difficult to explain my issues without going into spoilers…so from this point on I’m going to be spoiling the movie.


So let’s start with my biggest complaint of the film, which is the ending of the movie. If you have watched it, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Thanos after capturing all six infinity stones wipes out half the universe with one snap of his fingers. Just like that Spiderman, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and others are all gone seemly never to be seen again. Yet in what was supposed to be the big emotional OMG moment of the film, I couldn’t buy in because of a major flaw in the MCU.

Marvel loves to announce a huge slate of future films years in advance so you already know what is coming out in the next 2-3 years at least. In this scene, Marvel kills off all the characters in the movie you know already have new movies announced and planned in the future. Black Panther dies in the movie, however, they have already announced Black Panther 2 so how I’m I supposed to emotionally believe that he is gone? Spiderman dies, it’s a great scene his death, the best of all of them in terms of emotion, but you are already filming Homecoming 2 as we speak so there is a disconnect when you are showing me the death of Spiderman when I already know I’m going to see him again.


Same with the Guardians of the Galaxy, everyone who died you know is coming back not just because of the nature of the storyline, but from the fact, you have dozens of feature films with all the characters you just killed already in the works. This was a problem with Black Panther when he supposedly dies in his fight with Killmonger, I’m supposed to believe that he’s dead when you are showing me previews of Infinity Wars where he is clearly alive. It’s like killing Superman before the Justice League movie; it just undercuts the direction you are trying to go in. I mean when Thanos stabbed Ironman that was an OMG moment because you didn’t know if he would be back or if that was it for him (then he just closes his wound and takes away from the moment).

That was a big reason the film didn’t connect with me the way it should have. Other problems I had which is why I only gave the film a 3/5; In the pro wrestling world, there is a term called a “cheap pop”. It means when you get cheers from an audience in a way that doesn’t take any real effort like when you are in certain cities and you mention their city’s name. The crowd will cheer just because you mentioned their city. I felt like this film was full of cheap pops. Meaning that much of the film was showing a character that we have probably seen in about 5-6 films in the MCU thus far and going “OMG that’s Captain America and I clapped”. A good portion of the movie is “OMG it’s that character from another movie we’ve seen” and Crowder brought up a good point. All of these movies are presented in the sense that you have already seen all 18 movies before this point. If you haven’t then you are pretty lost in what is going on, especially in a 2 ½ hour film.


I’ll go ahead and say this now, I don’t Mark Ruffalo and I thought that he was the weakest part of the movie. Not to mention Hulk himself was only in this film for 2 minutes (BTW, that CGI of Mark in his Ironman at the end, stunningly horrible for a $300 million dollar film). If you watched the trailer, lots of things you saw weren’t in this movie at all. Now I know what you have to cut Marvel some slack for trying to make a film work with over 40 characters, but the way this is shot, the movie feels like a series of segments in which not all of them feel like they fit. What this causes is in a course of a 2 ½ hour film, there are moments that you really like mashed in with moments that you didn’t.

You are left with a polarizing film that is hard to judge because you are trying to weigh the things you did like versus the things you didn’t. For example, I loved the storyline with Thanos and the Guardians (Thor included), everything they had felt like it worked perfectly and made sense in the scope of the film. Then you have the scenes with Captain America and the weaker Avengers characters like Black Widow and Falcon that just felt rushed like they had to have them in the film, but creative had nothing for them so it just fell flat. As far as the Ironman crew, some things worked well like their final fight with Thanos and others didn’t like them joking about Ben and Jerry Ice Cream while the universe is on the brink of extinction.


For the audiences and fans of the MCU, this ultimately won’t matter much because they will see it as a culmination of the entire franchise. While I liked the film, it is anything but flawless and maybe this is my superhero fatigue talking about after Avengers 4 comes out next year, I think I’m done with Superhero movies.


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  1. i liked you take on it really good pionts the only thing i disagree with is the “like them joking about Ben and Jerry Ice Cream while the universe is on the brink of extinction.” statement i think it added comic relief that was needed

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