Lady Bird Review: The Semi-Autobiography Of The Life of Greta Gerwig

So now that the Oscar Nominations have been announced, I guess I should review all the movies I haven’t covered yet and by all I mean one…Lady Bird. Lady Bird is essentially the life story of the writer and director of the film, Greta Gerwig with a few exaggerations along the way. A story of an angsty rebellious teenage girl going to a Catholic all-girls high school who rapid fires through the major moments in her life. Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) who goes by the name of ‘Lady Bird’ deals with such issues like her losing her virginity, her first love, and her tremulous relationship with her mother.


Watching this film I completely understand why Hollywood loves this movie because it has all the subject matter that they eat up. Lady Bird is a progressive coming of age story that deals with issues like sexual orientation, classism, the female spirit, social commentary of the Catholic Church. The film is basically ‘an antidote to Trump culture’ which is what The Guardian called it. It’s really no surprise why this is the “The best-reviewed movie ever!!!” (Based on Rotten Tomatoes flawed rating system).

Personally being the antithesis of this character in every way imaginable, I just didn’t find the character all that relatable, which is funny considering the film is being sold as being ‘so relatable and real’. I guess there are some people out there with really bad relationships with their parents. The movie sets up a lot of interesting subplots, but the story told in such a rapid pace that they don’t follow up on most of it, not to mention the 3rd act just ends on a flat note. I’ve heard many people describe this as a depressing less funny version of Napoleon Dynamite, which is probably the best way to call it.

With all that said, I didn’t hate the film and I can see why so many people enjoyed it. Saorise Ronan and Laurie Metcalf are great and I thought Ronan added much to my enjoyment of her performance despite my feelings of the character. I think the biggest problem here is that I just thought the film was ok not great.


I honestly believe that a film I reviewed not too long ago Edge of Seventeen did everything Lady Bird was trying to do but did it better. It’s clear that I’ll be in the minority here, but Lady Bird is decent semi-autobiography of the life of Greta Gerwig but not something that will stand the test of time.




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4 thoughts on “Lady Bird Review: The Semi-Autobiography Of The Life of Greta Gerwig

  1. I think people have put Saorise Ronan on the same pedestal they have put Meryl Streep. As if she can do no wrong and so, even her average films must be treated as something award-worthy. For, to me, this is nothing more than the usual coming of age indie dramas we get. Following the usual checklist of losing virginity, dropping best friend (who doesn’t get much in the way of development) to be more popular or because you’re petty, and urgh.

    Like you, I enjoyed it, but when I saw this was one of the best-rated films, I figured it was by the same people who think Wonder Woman deserves the mainstream awards of the highest honor.

  2. This just came out recently in the UK so just got around to reading your review but good job! Pretty much agree with you on every level. I’ve not reviewed it myself yet, but if you get a chance listen to my podcast co-host review it (

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