Annabelle Creation Review: Entertaining Plot Induced Stupidity

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Annabelle: Creation is the prequel to the 2014 film Annabelle and the fifth movie in The Conjuring film series. Set in the 1950s, a small group of orphan girls travels to their new home owned by a doll maker and his severely injured wife. They lost their child after she got nailed by a vehicle. Desperate to get their girl back, they allow a demon to pretend to be their daughter until the demon wants a soul in the house. So they lock the demon in a closet for 12 years and just assumed it would never get out again. Well, it did and now you have 6 young girls in the home with an angry soul collecting demon in the next room you didn’t tell them about…Thanks, Dick!

Annabelle: Creation is a legitimately tense film that will keep you uneasy throughout, but it is also so mind-numbingly stupid at the same time that you will be yelling at the screen with the rest of your theater audience. The amount of red flags that happen in this house before anyone bothers to take note is outstanding. You and your theater will be yelling ‘Run!’ on more than one occasion and no one will be mad because you all are thinking it. The beauty of having child protagonists here is just like playing a Resident Evil game with no ammo, you are at the mercy of the situation at hand. I mean you have to be a special kind of dick to terrorize an 8-year-old girl with Polio, as much as you root for her, there is only so much you can do, especially when no one can hear screams from 5 feet away.

Warner Bros

Fans of The Conjuring will see many Easter Eggs in the film that ties much of the series together and brings us back to square one. Annabelle: Creation is a very entertaining horror film and if you can overlook a lot of plot induced stupidity, there is a great time to have here.




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  1. Though a lot of people complain about it, truly there is nothing better than an audience that participates when it comes to horror movies and comedies.

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