Life (2017) Review: What An Ending!

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Life (no, not the Eddie Murphy movie) is a story about a six crew members at an international space station who discover new living organisms on Mars. After running a few tests, it turns out that the organism that they discovered was actually a dormant Alien lifeform that proceeds to murder the faces of everyone on board. When they realize that there is nothing aboard they can use to kill this thing, their mission because of one thing, stop it from reaching Earth.

Life is an emotional rollercoaster of a thriller that is pretty slow at the start, but once it gets going, it doesn’t look back. At face value, this is just a typical horror/thriller film but because of the technical work like the camera shots, acting, and the seemly hopeless tension the film provides, they are able to balance out the unoriginal premise with a thrilling adventure. You can find many similarities to other films such as The Thing, Gravity, and Alien. The cast is used to utilize all their strengths as actors; they all serve a purpose, even if that is biting the dust fairly quickly. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are the writing team here who also wrote Deadpool, so if Ryan Reynolds feels like he just walked off of the Deadpool 2 set with his humor, there is a reason.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Life was on pace to be a decent movie with high budget effects, but the ending to this film was such an epic fail (in terms of the character’s plan, not the writing) that I had to give them an extra star just for writing such a ballsy ending. The biggest knock on Life is being what we have seen before, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.




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