The Resurrection of Gavin Stone Review

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is a story about a troubled former child actor returning to his hometown to work for a Megachurch in order to work on his community service for trash a hotel room. The film is essentially a high budget Hallmark movie with a pretty routine storyline. The film doesn’t offer you anything you haven’t seen before and the writing is pretty predictable. The cast, however, is heartwarming and likable, even WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels blends into the story without standing out for being a wrestler.

Brett Dalton, who plays Gavin, is very charismatic and takes a character that could have easily been too irritating to be sympathetic and plays him to where he’s not just a narcissistic jerk but a guy who grew up in a hard industry who really wants to find some humility. The film is a Christian Romanic Comedy but it does keep things respectable and doesn’t spend too much of its time “preaching’ to you. Despite the love story, the focus of the film isn’t just about two people ‘hooking up’ like most romantic movies. They look at two characters who work to find the missing links in their lives, Faith and Love. The film does drop the ball with a few subplots like the angle with Gavin’s father and the death of his mother which could have added more depth to the story as well as Gavin. The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is not a bad film, it’s just an OK film. The story isn’t original and the writing could have taken a few more chances but for a 2 million dollar Blumhouse movie, the film is enjoyable enough for the whole family.


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