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Sleepless Review

Sleepless is a one and done crime drama that is about as original as the French film that it’s based on.

In a world, where finding a good cop is harder than finding Bigfoot riding a unicorn, Sleepless is a tale of Las Vegas police officers dealing with the aftermath of a botched robbery. Jamie Foxx plays Vincent Down whose son is kidnapped and he is forced to return 24 kilos of cocaine before the day is over. The movie is filmed almost exclusively in a Vegas Hotel which probably explains its 30 million dollar budget.

Sleepless has ‘Straight to DVD movie’ written all over it. Jaime Foxx stars as Action Hero Man as his only job is to curse a bunch and only look mildly disappointed that his best friend of 20 years just died in front of him.  The characters are limited to 80s stereotypes of how police officers act including the dirty cop, the angry cop, and the cop who is too old for this. The bad guys act like something out of a Charles Bronson movie as the main baddie is a hot-headed son of a big scary drug kingpin we never see. The film is a standard action movie so if you take it on that level you may be able to find entertainment in it but that’s about it. It’s not so much that the film is bad but it is highly unoriginal. A series of clichés and action tropes which are enjoyable if you have nothing else to watch but it is nothing you will remember after the film ends. Despite the fact the film actually tries to set up for a sequel, Sleepless is a one and done crime drama that is about as original as the French film that it is based on.





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