Kevin Hart What Now? Review: All Show With Little Punch.

If I had told you the guy from Soul Plane would one day sell out Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia for his Stand Up Comedy special, you would probably think that would be as crazy as a Canadian TV star being the biggest rapper on the planet. But that’s exactly what happened, without question Kevin Hart has come a long way in his career. The little comedian that could is now one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and one of the biggest earners. No surprise really seeing how he is in everything…Movies, TV Shows, Comedy Specials, Tours, pretty sure he has a cereal box somewhere out there.

The film opens with a 15-minute skit in which Hart parodies James Bond with a few celebrity cameos. Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, and Ed Helms aids in a pretty hilarious scene of poker where Don Cheadle gets increasingly fed up with Kevin’s bullshit. If you watch Kevin’s show ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’, the humor is on par with what you’ve seen on that show. The end of the skit is actually the beginning of Kevin’s special as he proceeds to bring the laughs for the next 75 minutes. Kevin makes use of a big production budget which includes a giant video screen for visual gags and a golden microphone.

There isn’t too much to say about the comedy here. If you are a Kevin Hart fan, there is a lot of the same. Kevin discusses his family, his love life, his kids, and the ridiculous scenarios he draws up in his head.  The stand up is funny but not hilarious, the opening bit takes about 10 minutes for Hart to really find his groove. Not to say the film is bad because it’s definitely entertaining but there isn’t much replay value in the jokes that will make it stand out in the ranks of comedy specials.

The humor of What Now? is going to be completely subjective to the viewer. For me, it was a great effort and presentation for a show. The style and direction of the film are different from what we have seen in the past. However, at the end of the day, the comedy is a mediocre effort from someone who I have seen better from. Perhaps it’s also the fatigue factor, if you have seen so much from someone like we have from Kevin the last few years, you feel the need to take a break so you won’t feel burnt out. Unfortunately, this won’t happen with Kevin Hart anytime soon. Kevin Hart: What Now? is all show with little punch.


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