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Angel Has Fallen Review: I Dunno Why This Exists, But It’s Fun

Yep, they made a third one. Why? Hell if I know.

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Hunter Killer Review: It’s Pretty Stupid BUT…It’s Pretty Stupid

Last year when I watched Geostorm and saw Gerard Butler save the world from a giant climate change death star from space that blew up a stadium with lightning, I knew that Butler was forever destined to be the action star of horrible films that we need but don’t deserve. If you are not coming into Hunter Killer with the expectation that this is going to be the schlockiest (it’s a word) films you’ve seen all year, then you are doing Hollywood wrong. Well, I’m happy to report that if it is Schlock you want, it is schlock you are going to get.

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Geostorm Review

Geostorm redefines ‘nonsensical’. A film that spends the majority of its time lecturing you about the importance of putting our petty sovereignty aside for the sake of the greater good only goes to reassure you why the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.