Dune (2021) Review: Long, Boring, & Only 1/2 A Movie

“Dune” is a typical Hollywood film that spends more of its time selling the second movie before giving you a reason to care about the first. … More Dune (2021) Review: Long, Boring, & Only 1/2 A Movie

Hotel Artemis Review

Hotel Artemis is a film that models itself on the groundwork of other films like John Wick and Smoking Aces, but director and writer Drew Pearce misses the mark on a story that lacks substance and excitement. It may not be a remake, a reboot, or a sequel but sadly it won’t be very memorable when it’s all said and done. … More Hotel Artemis Review

Blade Runner 2049 Review

Visually the film earns the highest marks but storytelling drags down what could have been a  film of the year candidate into a sci-fi thriller that is 45 minutes too long. The plot isn’t interesting enough to justify the runtime and the twist ends the film on a flat note rather than an emotional one. Oscar nominations all around for the technical team here otherwise this film is a hard sell for your average moviegoer who needs to clear their schedule to experience Blade Runner 2049. … More Blade Runner 2049 Review