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Captain Marvel (Guest Review Ft. Sarah Hargett)

The MCU’s latest origin story is also its first solo film for a female character. They put their absolute best effort into touting the movie as such, and after seeing it, I understand why all the emphasis was on pre-hype.

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Brie Larson Wants Her ‘Captain Marvel’ Press Tour To Be Less White And Male

In an interview with Marie Claire, Actress Brie Larson is making sure that her press tour for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel will not be overwhelmingly white and male. Larson handpicked Keah Brown, an African-American disabled female journalist to be her interviewer. 

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Free Fire Review

Free Fire fancies itself as a Tarantino-like film, but the film manages to fail to match every aspect of filmmaking that made Tarantino a success. If it wasn’t for a decent opening, I would rate this film much worse, as it is Free Fire is one of the worst examples of wasted potential in some time.